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The biggest problem I have is the overpowering bean flavor this flour causes. I have had no problem using it in recipes other than the nasty bean flavor.


I concur with the information @Stephie has provided. However, there is a 'black wheat flour' that is widely used in France and other European countries. It is actually made from buckwheat, which by definition is a grain but not wheat at all. From this Wikipedia article : The seed coat is green or tan, which darkens buckwheat flour. The hull is dark ...


Flour types are quite different in various countries, but yes, all flours are basically made from crushing grains (wheat in this case). A grain mainly consists of three parts: Source: http://www.californiawheat.org/industry/diagram-of-wheat-kernel/ The bran. The outer layer of the grain. The endosperm. The white inner part that we tend to associate ...

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