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I used a mix of Maida and APF to make the Pizza Dough and only the APF but it tasted nothing like PIZZA comparing with pnly maida which was excellent in taste


It sounds like you're doing several things differently than the recipe (different flour, different temperature, different baking surface...) though I don't actually see shaping/baking instructions on the recipe you linked. If you want to stick closer to that recipe (than the other answers...), here's a few other thoughts of potential problems and a few ...


I'm also a lover of so called "Vera Pizza Napoletana". By coincidence, I made yesterday this Neapolitan Pizza style using this Serious Eats method. Also see this step-by-step instructions. It's all about heat capacity, conduction and radiation. You don't need a 1000°F oven to bake your pizza because doing it on a skillet will have almost the same effect ...


I'm not sure why anyone would want a soggy crust, however if that's what you want lose the baking steel. The reason for using a steel or stone is to give you a crunchy crust, try using a baking tray instead. Also, you can try baking at a lower temperature, not a higher one. Lose 100F on the oven and you're more likely to get sogginess. To me it sounds ...

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