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Pasta does not need glutein. In fact in east plenty of gluten free flours (rice, bean flours) have been used for making noodles without wheat. Oat is one of them, which is traditional for Inner Mongolia (part of China). What I recommend is using enough water - and not necessary eggs att all. Oat has plenty of protein itself and like durum it does not need ...


In India best variety of wheat berries for making chapatti is "sharbati". which is tastiest among all wheat varieties. The atta from this variety is lighter in colour.The sharbati is grown in central India around Bhopal region.The sharbati is aestivum genre. The sharbati fields are only rain fed no organised irrigation.


Your flour is already contaminated with bacteria, even before touching it with your hands. If flour was a perishable food, you would have had to keep it in the fridge and use up within 3-5 days. As it is not perishable, you can use the bench-contaminated flour just as the flour which was contaminated before the bench, no food safety concerns there. While ...


The main problem I see is humidity - the bench flour can be lumpy, have bits of dough in it and will be partly moist. I would therefore not put it back in the main bag of flour. If you use it like flour, it might leave dry lumps, so it depends on your technique whether it will work or not. But there are techniques in bread baking that use leftover dough or ...

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