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To elaborate on Max's answer and provide missing items/detail: Oatmeal raisin cookies Gingerbread cookies Milano cookies (Pepperidge Farm) Peanut butter cookies Macarons Snowballs (or Mexican wedding cookies, or German pfeffernüsse, or Russian Tea Cakes...) Chinese fortune cookie (Actually an American bastardization of a Japanese cookie) either Chinese ...


1- raisin cookies 2- ginger bread cookies 3- 4- peanut butter cookies 5- macarons 6- 7- fortune cookies 8- chinese almond cookies 9- birthday/Christmas cookies :-) 10- 11- chocolate chips cookies 12- biscotti


Black stone flower is a lesser known spice from India. It is an essential ingredient in South Indian Chettinad cuisine. Known as Dagad Phool in Hindi and Kalpasi in Tamil, Black stone flower transforms a dish with its unique flavour. You can read more about it here: ...

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