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I'm guessing this dish might have derived from manaqeesh (manouche) which are extremely popular all over the Levantine region, although it's spread all over now. In Melbourne, Australia, for example, there are dozens of Lebanese places that sell them. Za'tar is the most popular flavour but there are many others such as sujuk, za'tar with tomato+onion, ...


There are actually two dishes being sold, and neither is "Phở". The words that she yelled and had Gordon do the same were "Hủ tiếu, Bún riêu". They are both noodle soups, the former is pork based broth, and the latter, porc and shrimp/crab with tomatoes. You can google the words for more info.


What you have on your plate is the most eaten pancake in the world - Dosa. This is a South Indian dish and since there are many South Indians living in Malayasia, I don't think finding this there is an extreme coincidence. There are many varieties of Dosa and the one on your plate definitely looks like Rava Dosa(a variety of Dosa cooked with more semolina in ...


just take a look at the tail..! if(tail is long) then CAT else confirm RABBIT


The main differences I see in the skeletons of the two animals is that the cat's humerus (large single bone in the front legs) and its radius/ulna (smaller dual bones in the front legs) seem to be very close in length, or the single bone is slightly longer. The same goes for the hind legs, where the femur (single bone) and the tibia/fibula (dual bones) are ...

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