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Unless you left it open to the air it should be perfectly safe. Maple sap is thickened into syrup via boiling so any bacteria/etc. originating in it will be killed off. Thick sugary syrups also make it very hard for bacteria and mold to grow. Despite the plentiful food source, the concentrated sugar is dessicative: OK, maple syrup is wet, but it’s ...


Will be perfectly fine. Maple syrup does not have enough sugar to prevent mold and no preservatives, so like bread or wine, it can develop mold after 7 days or so, pending the environment. 1 or 2 days, not an issue. Typically it's what you add to syrup that causes the mold after opening. Plastic containers shorten shelf life Conisderably to about 1 ...


I would try rotating the jars, place them top up for 3-6 hours the turn them up-side-down for an additional 3-6 hours and repeat this process until the product settles. This I believe would work because once it is turned over, the products goes back to the top which is actually now the bottom. Another option would be to vacuum seal the jars, which the ...


The key features I see from the extension links are Cooking to a temperature (8 degrees F above boiling water) rather than for a set time. 5 minutes extra stirring post-cooking, pre-packing. Pack the jam in pre-sterilized jars and only process for 5 minutes rather than processing for 10 minutes (which allows using jars that are not pre-sterilized, but ...


Sprouted onions are perfectly safe to eat. If far advanced the texture may not be ideal; yours does not sound very far advanced at all (not even green.) Considering you can eat green onions, there's nothing to fear from onion sprouts.


I cut it off also. Don't tell your friends you do it. I have heard you can freeze some cheeses, but I think it looses flavor with freezing. flavor is after all why you buy and eat cheese. have more cheese tasting parties.


I believe 3-4 days max. Be sure to do the smell and taste test also. Sometimes these kinds of foods are not time-able.


I know this is not a SCIENTIFIC test with control groups and such, but I will share my thoughts on this matter and how I've been pickling my fresh egg surplus for over 25 years with absolutely no ill effects, or refrigeration. I may add that my 4 children were raised eating these eggs, even in the hot Southern summers, and they are all very much alive with ...

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