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Based on the recipe you provided, it's kinda like concentrated broth. It's produced by cooking the chicken covered in a double boiler, effectively steaming it and collecting the drippings. I have no idea if that's exactly what's being sold in those nutritional supplement bottles, but given that people think the homemade version is, well, the homemade ...


Is there a reason a large capacity food processor couldn't be used? Not sure about the type of chili and if you need the seeds to be removed. Either way, this should work fine, just pulse until finely pureed.


I assume you will be cooking the sauce. If this is the case, my recommendation is to cook the chillies first and puree them afterwards, as with traditional ljutenica or ajwar. In this case, you can either peel the skin off after charring it and then process the resulting soft flesh whichever way you want (it's very easy, leaves no chunks), or put them ...


I'd recommend using a food mill with the fine disc for this, personally. It will prevent the skin (if sufficiently tough) from making it through to the final result. After that, if it isn't fine enough (although I doubt that), you could always then blitz the result in a blender.


White rice is bleached. You can videos on you tube that show you the process

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