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Yes, that'll contaminate your spices. You really don't want to touch anything after touching raw meat, unless it's something you're about to wash or cook. It's not too hard to avoid this though. You can keep a clean hand and a dirty hand - grab spices with the clean one, rub them in with the other. As Joe points out, this is also helpful if you end up ...


A line of approach: You could prove it by finding the actual water content of the Ganache vs. the sugar content. The cream is cooked down somewhat similar to what happens when you do Dulce de Leche; and is turned to syrup. High sugar products (candies, candied fruits) are relatively stable at room temperature (between 15c and 22c, according to wikipedia) ...


Aluminium oxide is used in toothpaste (as an abrasive) and tablets (as an inactive filler). You'll get much more from these sources than from food preparation. It's essentially insoluble in water as well, making it hard to absorb from food. Some other aluminium compounds are much more soluble especially given that the stomach is acidic, and are a cause for ...


There is no expiration date. At most, it would be a 'best buy' or 'sell by date'. See

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