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There's no real exact time it happens (at least in my kitchen). I've had some jars that come out of the water with the lid depressed and others that take many hours. By the next morning, they should be cooled with the lids depressed. If they aren't, then they should be reprocessed or refrigerated to be eaten right away. :)


The real goal is for the lid to turn concave. They're manufactured to be convex (sticking up in the middle). If they're concave on the jar, that means there's a difference in pressure between the inside and outside of the jar causing the lid to be sucked downward. If the jar has cooled significantly, and the lid is still convex, you could try pushing down ...


Only for your information. The spanish ham can get moldy every time, because the curing process will not stop. And for sure you can eat after cleaning with oil. All this ham have mould but before it is sold they also clean it with oil or fat. Mostly the customer don't see it, but sometimes because of the humidity or if it is hot it can appear again, but it ...

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