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Don't ever freeze beans. Quality will be compromised and flavours destroyed upon freezing. Better idea is to put freshly ground coffee into pre sized packages. Use as needed.


Sorbet are typically acidic(from the fruit juices) and contain sugar. Both of these act as preservatives in addition to the extremely cold temperatures that sorbets are kept at. So it is perfectly okay to melt your sorbet ice block. However when you melt the sorbet block, you will want to do it slowly. Fruit/herb flavors are very volatile so if the mixture ...


Yes, thawing sorbet once is not a bad option. The sorbet can remain safe for thawing twice if kept upto two months. I have tried sorbet for 2 and a half months, thawing ones. After that they get damaged/ unhealthy. You can keep your container on warm water for thawing rather than instantly changing the temperature as in microwave or fluctuate in high heat. I ...


Perhaps a cornstarch base to help thicken the mixture might help. Also the advice about taking it and whisking is very important.


What about pureeing it and using it as a base for BBQ sauce or a basting sauce for roasts.


That would be a good idea since you want to be sure it works properly before putting a lot of food in it. Water bottles should be a good volume, but I would not go by ice alone to judge the temperature since it is not accurate. Use a fridge thermometer to check for appropriate temperature. And I would do this for a few days just in case some mechanical ...


Soapstone whiskey rocks are a thing of the past. There are much better whiskey stones out there that have a much better cooling power and have no taste. I love my whiskey, but I love it cool. I have tried whisky rocks made of soapstone and to tell you the truth, they are terrible. I have also tried the glass and granite ones and those also do not provide ...

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