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Tried soaking my whisky rocks (which I think are soapstone) in lemon juice sealed in a Tupperware container. Seems to have worked so far. Gonna dry them out & keep them inside a container in the fridge. Fingers crossed.


You absolutely can make jam from frozen fruit. Freezing is like "stopping time" (or at least slowing it down almost to a stop) for the frozen food. Freezing water breaks cell walls, that's why thawed fruit is mushy, but so does boiling when making jam, so no problem at all here. You can also freeze leftover fruit before it spoils and combine various fruits ...


I don't know about jam specifically, but yes to other things. The standard thing would be to freeze them, and then use them for smoothies, but you can also use them for instant sorbet if you have a food processor: 2 cups of frozen fruit 1/4 tsp of xanthan gum a cup or two of fruit juice maybe some syrup or extra sugar Put the fruit into the food ...


Cannot freeze the batter - or shouldn't - but what I did this morning when the electric waffle iron broke was make muffins from the batter. It is the kind of waffle batter for which you whip the egg whites then fold them in last. I added some fruit (peaches, in this case) and a spoon of honey and baked the largish muffins at 350 for 25 minutes. They turned ...


As a Professor who teaches Asian Cuisines, I can assure you that rice noodles cannot be frozen. If you were to freeze them that would disintegrate immediately after hitting the water. If you do have extra rice noodles consider using them in a noodle salad. There are many wonderful rice noodles salads that you can make with little effort.


Apple juice or cider (unfermented) is fundamentally a sugar solution. As is any fruit juice. Water does, indeed, freeze out of solution first, leaving a more concentrated sugar solution. Having partially-frozen plastic jugs of cider inadvertently, what pours off is definitely concentrated (and what's left in the jug after the ice melts is then rather weak, ...


Yes, you can do it yourself: People have done this to concentrate alcohol, and other water contaminants, at least as far back as the middle ages. Example: Fractional freezing -- "jacking" in old parlance -- has a long history in the United States. The beverage applejack was produced using this method by first fermenting apple juice into hard apple ...


They have it on Alibaba by the kilo (2.2 pounds) see: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/1kg-tara-gum-powder-food-grade/32333904784.html

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