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Hope its not too late an answer but they are called Masawu here in zim and am having some right now. They have a slimish feel in the mouth sort of like okra slime but tasty sweet to sour depending on the tree. worms love them too so if you mind look out for them. If you are like me anything that eats fruit is edible.


I think the central argument for ice is efficiency. Sure, using "4 oz acai, grape, or pomegranate juice" as well as 4 oz amounts of rather potent fruits such as "strawberries, blueberries, peaches" will result in a fantastic smoothie. But the ingredients in the quoted recipe are packed with flavor, and some of them are also quite expensive. Adding ice ...


Eat more There is no other way to reach your goal than to eat more vegetables. The more you eat, the more you find some (cooking) ways which you are prefering compared to others. Infinity of ways There is multiple textures, tastes and colors, and different ways of cooking it, so you should find some that are convenient to you. Ask arround you, what do ...


I am 37yrs and I have been drinking the water out of mature coconuts since I was a baby. Never had any health issues or complications from it. It also still tastes fine to me.


I have been in the coconut export business for over 6 years. Coconuts are either 'young' 7-9 months or 'mature' 11-12 months old at the time of harvest. If you want sweet water, the coconut is harvest young, when the sugar content and volume of water are at their peak. As the coconut ages, the water is absorbed as the 'meat' in the coconut grows thicker. ...

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