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In the South Indian state of Kerala, the ripe (yellow and black) and the unripe (green) plantains are used differently in dishes. The ripe ones are pressure cooked/steamed and eaten with puttu (steamed rice cake) and is a good breakfast item. It is also used in Pazham Payasam (plantain pudding with jaggery and ghee/clarified butter). The green ones are ...


Is everything graded on the same scale (with the same labels)? No. Grading is specific to every kind of fruit or vegetable, and often grading can be different depending on the form of the produce (fresh vs. canned vs. frozen vs. juice vs. headed for further processing, etc.). Also, different nomenclature is used for different produce: some use "Grade ...


Found it! Here is the Wikipedia article on the gourd: It is also known as the Pointed Gourd.

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