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Xanthan gum if you don't want to modify the flavour. Or Boil in heavy sugar syrup if you don't mind sweetening the sauce significantly. Personally I'd do both, I imagine what you've created it BlackBerry juice without much flavour. I'd first start by boiling the berries in some sugar untill much of the water had evaporated and tasted exactly how I wanted ...


This coating, which wipes right off and is indeed harmless, is called the "bloom" of the grape or sometime the "blush". As described here, (the wiki for Fermentation in winemaking), it contains trace amounts of natural yeast, though thought to be the result of ambient yeast rather than the result of growth process proper. Here we find a more thorough ...


Canned lychee works really well, it is sweet, slightly floral and has a distinct texture that stays relatively firm during cooking. There is a KAPOW (technical term for zowee) factor to the pineapple that really can't be duplicated. Canned mandarin slice work well too, but they don't stand up to heat very well, need to be added at the very end. The ...


Heres a video on making date seed coffee. Didn't come out very well though. http://youtu.be/N5yCuLfZez4


Though certainly some fruits greatly resist being jellied no matter how much pectin or sugar you add to your recipe, it seems safe to assume "...been trying to perfect" means you've ruled that out as the source of your problem. On this same basis other things too are likely ruled out, such as how long and at what temps you're cooking them, under what ...


Even if limited to foods edible to humans, a few others do come to mind, each of which occasion in true blue hues (though not necessarily always). 1.the Concord grape 2.the juniper berry (used for making gin) 3.varieties of cabbage, squash, and mushroom (from which the band Blue Oyster Cult apparently derived its name)


A few that came immediately to mind: Blueberries Purple potatoes (sort of blue-violet) Blue corn (readily found in the form of corn chips) Lobsters are blueish (until cooked when they turn bright red, so nobody thinks of them as blue) Some edible flowers An excellent answer can be found at Skeptics.SE, complete with lots of pictures.

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