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Being from Brazil I have eaten guavas my whole childhood. My recommendation: eat them whole, including the seeds. The seeds are tasty, not too hard and good for your digestion. Any way you may try to deseed it will just ruin the texture of the fruit. No need to peel them either. Ripe guava is one of the best fruits around, enjoy it!


Put a drinking straw on top watermelon if it the straw starts to spin well it's ripe if it just sits on top without movement then not ripe.


The only ways I've figured to use the inter-seed pulp is to juice it or mechanically sieve it, such as in a food mill, coarse stainer, or colander. This article from EHow suggests to blend or process the seed-pulp mixture, possibly with a bit of water, then sieve or strain. It might be possible to blend slowly enough to disrupt the seeds without ...


I have found some answers online. Eating mango skin is good for you: http://www.dirtdoctor.com/organic/garden/view_org_research/id/105/ Only eat the skin if the mango is organic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4L3FJk9LNLI Let me repeat the comments I made to Yamikuronue's answer: I have never encountered anyone who had such allergy. There is so far ...


Mango skin has an oil (natural, not an artificial pesticide) that commonly causes a reaction similar to poison oak or poison ivy. Not everyone is affected - your family probably has the good luck to be immune. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mango#Potential_for_contact_dermatitis


I've ripened a pineapple at home after buying - turn upside down in a vase, works great!! Turns from green to more of a yellow-greenish color - bottoms always ripen first. Don't ripen too long though.

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