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Knock on it lightly. If someone answers, you've got a very special melon! Actually, if it sounds somewhat hollow, it is ripe. As a child we would "plug" the melons by cutting a 2" x 2" trianglebout of it. That's a fool proof way to see if your melon it ripe.


so... short answer is: it's "possible" it might be fermented and can "possibly" make you sick from growth of bacterias. I asssume what most of us are possibly thinking is that the fruit is tainted from bad water sources, which thankfully is not the case.


Cut the peaches all the way around following the cleavage. Twist the fruit apart, then carefully trim the pit out of the half that held on to it with a paring knife. If you were making slices for a presentation, then cut all the slices down to the pit. The first slice will need to be removed by rocking the knife back and forth across the pit to get it out, ...


I think that the best way to remove seeds when you prepare berries jelly is to use a sieve. But be aware that metallic sieves can alter the acidity of berries, so use a nylon sieve... for more info: http://italianscookitbetter.com/tip/the-right-sieve


Stick a fork in one end and hold over an open flame burn all the tiny thorns of then peel relax and enjoy.


Sorry rumtscho that is incorrect. Alcohol will completely evaporate, what does stay "forever" is the flavor the spirit will impart but chemically ethyl is evaporative, to test my posit try wiping some rubbing or high proof vodka on a glass surface and you can actually watch it evaporate. The "How" depends on the recipe in e.g., deserts usually @ the end or ...

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