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The technical answer based on food safety agency recommendations is about 4 hours, but fruit is not exceptionally perishable. If you are not in any high risk group, you might choose to go a day.


I love to use raisins because they are so, so sweet when backing! Now, of course it depends on the product you're trying to create... but believe me that raisins are really sweet and tasty when baked!


It was just the kiwis. Peaches benefit from heat. Experiment: 4 fruit each sliced 4 ways for tasting at fresh, heated, slightly browned and half burnt. Some mount of cooked left over to compare when cooled again. Fresh; mandarin sweetest then yellow mango, and kiwi & peach tied. Heated; peach strongly improves to almost mango sweetness. kiwi tastes ...


You cannot simply replace sugar with fresh fruit in baking recipes. Sugar is, well, 100% sugar. Fruit is mostly water, on the order of 70-90% depending on the particular fruit in question. The remainder is usually sugars, starches and pectins for the most part. Any recipe not specifically designed to be sweetened with fruit is going to fail ...


Most commercial fruit is picked before being completely ripened because once it is ripened it has a very limited shelf life, and strawberries are no exception. Strawberries ripen from the tip to the stem and a good indicator that a strawberry is unripe is a white ring around the stem area. Some fruits can be artificially ripened by exposing them to ...

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