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40 second, if it not enugth for you put them again, better to fried it less than more, otherwise you can throw it. hope it's help...


This recipe confuses me in a number of ways. First the simplest: It calls for adding the remaining spice powders in two places, steps 5 and 7. One of my favorite food ethnicities is Indian, and in all my years of cooking and eating it there has always (with very rare exception) been one very important rule: Cook the spices. The difference in both taste and ...


I use my oil about ten times and never have I taken it out of the deep fryer. It usually sit between uses about 2-3 weeks every time and it is always ok.


There are certain details missing here that would make this problem easier to solve. I would want to know what kind of pan you're using, what kind of oil you're using, and what temperature you're shooting for. However, even without knowing these things in an other than general way, there is still an approach you can use which will meet your stated aims. ...


That is probably not deep enough to get an accurate reading. It varies with the thermometer, but usually you need at least a couple of centimetres to be submerged to get an accurate reading. Also, unless you are super careful, it will be nearly impossible to stop the thermometer touching the bottom of the pan. In my experience the clips on these doohickies ...


I too have been looking for the recipe for string beans from din tai fung and although I haven't found the exact recipe, I figured more than half the battle was getting the right texture for the beans. Alas, I came across this blog which most closely resembles what we're looking for: ...


To simply facilitate the end-user cooking. You get all the "benefit" of fried food without the hassle of having to actual fry the food (hot oil handling, odors, ... ) Most people do not have fryers at home and rely on par-fried food (for example oven fries).


Soak them in water and baking soda for an hour. Clean them in cold water then dry them. If you don't have baking soda then soak them for 4 hours in milk.

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