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AAA ribye Searing hot grill Dip in soy sauce Grill and salt and pepper as you turn


I have a few jars of home made nasturtium seed pod 'capers'. These are more peppery than capers and offer a nice crunch. I use them as substitute and mixed with capers on pizzas etc for a different tang. Very easy to make using a recipe from the River Cottage preserve book. I have loads of nasturtim in the garden. The leaves and flowers are also edible and ...


Boil cinnamon sticks in water or tea


All capers can be fried crunchy. If you're using capers that have been packed in brine, you should rinse off the brine and thoroughly dry the capers before frying. If you're using the salt packed capers, you can soak and rinse them, just rinse them, or just brush off the excess salt. They are very salty in the package. The only common substitution for ...


Fry for 40 seconds, then if it's not enough for you fry them again. Better to fried it too little than too much.


This recipe confuses me in a number of ways. First the simplest: It calls for adding the remaining spice powders in two places, steps 5 and 7. One of my favorite food ethnicities is Indian, and in all my years of cooking and eating it there has always (with very rare exception) been one very important rule: Cook the spices. The difference in both taste and ...


I use my oil about ten times and never have I taken it out of the deep fryer. It usually sit between uses about 2-3 weeks every time and it is always ok.

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