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logophobe's answer is correct on how to fix this. As for what you can do with it if you don't want to start over: My favorite uses are as hot fudge topping or dissolve it in water or milk for luxurious hot chocolate.


It sounds like your fudge simply wasn't heated enough. Fudge is basically a superconcentrated syrup, and it sets when sugar dissolved in the water (from the butter and milk) comes out of solution as the mixture cools and forms crystals. Temperature is your proxy measurement for the concentration of sugar - if you don't hit the right temperature, the ...


I think you may well be over thinking this just a little. Water boils at 100c at sea level, sugar raises this temperature to around 110c depending on sugar content. Specifically, adding 1 gram molecular weight of nonionizing solute (like sugar) to 1 liter of water increases the boiling point by 0.52 degree Celsius (C). 1 gram molecular weight ...

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