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It does help to add powdered sugar, but it still does not set enough. I had the same problem with my white choc ganache, I thought I would make it using a dark chocolate recipe and it came out too runny, whipping it didn't help, adding powdered sugar helped a lot, but still not good enough. Left in fridge overnight and added double the amount I had of melted ...


There is no better way to reduce chocolate ratio but other alternative will just adjust the flavor, you may try cream cheese which will not alter the chocolate flavor that much compares to other alternatives . Next to cheese probably nuts. That will helps in the thickening .


There are recipes out there that call for a mixer, but they must be executed carefully. I used one myself for a ganache-like frosting that needs really a lot of stirring, almost impossible by hand. I tried by hand first, because I didn't trust the blender bit in the recipe, but used it in the end. (Turned out beautifully - and that was for my own wedding ...


If you're trying to salvage it, I think about all you can do is heat it until it's well melted and let it settle, stirring gently now and then. Hopefully the air bubbles will eventually all come out. I suspect it won't be perfect, and may take a while. And in the future, just don't use a mixer. Everything should melt and meld just fine with gentle heat and ...

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