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Lactic acid has been shown to inhibit the growth of Clostridium botulinum. That is why it is safer to use butter than oil. link


Yes, you can use the "leaves" of grwoing garlic. The subtle flavor is perfect for chicken gravy. In fact, I use them much more than the actual garlic itself simply because of their refined flavor.


Agree - the lnoger it cooks the more subtle it becomes. Also, some garlic has a more pronounced garlic flavor than others.


Simply put, the longer garlic cooks for, the weaker the flavour gets. If you want a super-garlicky hit, put it in at the last minute. Chopping it finer, or crushing it, also increases the flavour because more of the 'juice' is released.


One reason I love to plant garlic (In October in the NE US), is that I can use it 3 times during its life-cycle. After planting garlic sprouts. These sprouts (what you might be calling a leaf) can be cut back to ground level before winter and used in cooking...garlicky chive-like flavor and application. Then in the spring, they sprout again. After a ...


The green tops of garlic are called 'garlic scapes' (or sometimes, just 'scapes'). They are edible (a kind of garlic/chive mix) and there are plenty of recipes available online that use them.


When we have had garlic in our garden I have used the garlic leaves. They do have a garlicky flavor but are milder than garlic cloves. I tend to use them more as I would chives or garlic chives as in addition to having the milder flavor than the cloves they make for a quite nice presentation. Regarding drying them, I have never tried it. Off the top of my ...

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