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Roasting garlic tends to make it sweeter and milder in flavour yes. It will not be completely undetectable, but it is certainly less strong than sautéed garlic.


I was recently reading up on this subject because, not matter how many times I washed my hands after chopping garlic, the smell would still be there even a couple days later. I tried the "stainless steel" approach, but didn't see any results. The "coffee grounds" approach did help some, it works well to cover up the smell at least. At the same time I was ...


My hunch is that the answer is quite simple: mix your pasta into your pesto immediately after draining it, before it has time to cool. This will cook the garlic just enough to take the zing out. (Adding a bit of hot pasta water will help as well, as is often recommended in pesto recipes to thin the sauce out.)

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