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I have tried pouring oil in the garlic powder bottle/jar. And you have instant garlic oil for your noodles, roasts etc. Goes long way as oil acts like a preservative. How is that?


I've had this happen with other types of spices as well. I put it in the blender or coffee grinder to loosen it up again. Works well for me.


Leave some stale bread or biscuits, lime/lemon rind in the affected area.


I understand both types of garlic bagels: The garlic on the outside is the fast food version and the garlic on the inside is roasted garlic that dissolves into the dough (the later being the original garlic bagels that were in the deli's before bagels became mainstream). To make the fast food version use the dried granulated garlic - and you need bagel ...


Have you considered using a splatter screen? You place it over the frying pan while cooking and it will prevent any oil or other substances from splattering out of the pan and onto the stove. Something like this: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/81D4-YeDBtL.SL1500.jpg Alternatively you could try lowering the temperature you are cooking at.


Black garlic is not a substitute for regular garlic, you add black garlic to get a different result. I would never say use 2 cloves of black garlic for every 1 regular or any other ratio because the changes are so fundamental that they really are totally different ingredients. The question is how much black garlic flavor you want, and only you can answer ...

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