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This is a great question and I also gave a plus one for it. Using stainless cookware exclusively I've not had any problems with flavor, especially garlic, being affected. I also use my stainless steel table knives to remove the odor from my hands and that method works perfectly.


Drawing from some of the linked resources, it seems that one of the main theories about how those stainless steel "soaps" work is by interacting with sulfur compounds present in onions and garlic (together part of the genus allium) which are responsible for their strong pungency and odor. There appears to be little actual evidence for these claims, and I ...


I generally microwave garlic cloves (as suggested by nachito above). 3-5 cloves 12 seconds works for me. Alternatively you can heat a pan and put cloves in it for a few minutes just to heat them up. That will separate the skin easily.


For my time, though I like the concept of peeling a bunch of cloves all at once, but I don't like the cleanup of an extra gadget. I recently learned a method, essentially as described at thekitchn, for firmly yet gently smashing the clove with the side of a chef-knife; the peel then comes off effortlessly. It works faster and easier than the rubberized ...


I built a little wooden impeller for my food processor that hits the cloves hard enough to peel them, but not hard enough to gouge or break them: The center piece is an old dough mixer blade for the food processor. The wood is maple; pine is too weak. The rubber flaps on the bottom, screwed on, keep the cloves moving so they'll collide with the wood. I've ...


I've had a few times where it just didn't work well. I'm starting to suspect that the variety of garlic is also a factor -- I've had days where it works great, and others where it barely works, and I don't think it's an issue with technique. Unfortunately, I don't have a place near me where I can just go and buy many different varieties of garlic to test ...


I would suggest you may not be smashing the garlic enough. You can see in the video that the first thing he does is smash the bulb quite hard with the heel of his hand. This not only separates the cloves quickly, but it also will loosen the peel on the garlic and force some of the oils out of the surface of the clove. If you separate the cloves without ...

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