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Agree - the lnoger it cooks the more subtle it becomes. Also, some garlic has a more pronounced garlic flavor than others.


Simply put, the longer garlic cooks for, the weaker the flavour gets. If you want a super-garlicky hit, put it in at the last minute. Chopping it finer, or crushing it, also increases the flavour because more of the 'juice' is released.


One reason I love to plant garlic (In October in the NE US), is that I can use it 3 times during its life-cycle. After planting garlic sprouts. These sprouts (what you might be calling a leaf) can be cut back to ground level before winter and used in cooking...garlicky chive-like flavor and application. Then in the spring, they sprout again. After a ...


The green tops of garlic are called 'garlic scapes' (or sometimes, just 'scapes'). They are edible (a kind of garlic/chive mix) and there are plenty of recipes available online that use them.


When we have had garlic in our garden I have used the garlic leaves. They do have a garlicky flavor but are milder than garlic cloves. I tend to use them more as I would chives or garlic chives as in addition to having the milder flavor than the cloves they make for a quite nice presentation. Regarding drying them, I have never tried it. Off the top of my ...


I'll typically get 1/3 the starting weight of the cloves ( weight before peeling ) once it's all dried and ground. I've only weighed before and after twice though. Method used: peel and slice garlic really thin (used a mandoline), spread out on a parchment lined baking sheet (heavy aluminum), bake at 170 F (lowest my oven would go). Remove when the dried ...

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