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The 'standard' Boursin flavour is garlic and herbs, which I would imagine would have to contain garlic, or they'd be in trouble for false advertising. However, these days they also produce other flavours like black pepper and chive and shallot. A cursory glance at the ingredients on their website shows no garlic in these latter two.


As suggested in the comments above and on reddit he probably meant chopped garlic. See, for example, this video recipe and this one.


Coffee garlic, is as suggested most probably a phone typo reply from Gordon Ramsay's AMA. However, there is a youtuber who has a "spicy garlic coffee spaghetti" video (posted before the GR's AMA). This consists of instant coffee, red (sweet bell) pepper, garlic and chorizo. Also if you care to research you'll find dishes with coffee and garlic together.

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