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From The naked scientist Why does it happen? Jelly is made up of long thin protein molecules. The reason that jelly sets is that as the gelatin molecules tangle up as they cool creating a huge intertwined tangle which traps the water and makes a flexible solid. The pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain and kiwi fruit another enzyme ...


Certain enzymes (proteases) cut the protein bonds that create the mesh that causes the jelly (or Jello, or gelatin) to, well, gel. Orange, watermelon and plum do not contain enough of those enzymes to interfere with gelling. In addition to paw paw (more commonly known as papaya in the US), pineapple and kiwi; mango, ginger root, figs and guava also contain ...


Pineapple, kiwi and paw paw all contain enzymes that break down proteins (bromelain, actinidin and papain respectively). Since the setting agent in jelly is gelatin, which is mostly protein, using any of these fruits will interfere with the jelly setting.

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