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A version without marshmallows would be those that bind rice krispies (or cornflakes) with chocolate. See for example bbcgoodfoods (using cornflakes) or a site for kids. The base procedure is to melt chocolate, optionally thin it a bit with butter and/or syrup and fold in your cereals. If you want light rice krispie treats, use white chocolate instead of ...


There are plenty of recipes for rice krispie cakes without marshmallows in them. Rather than trying to substitute in your recipe, you'd be better off making something slightly different but that's been tested. Here's an example from tesco. The recipe we use is based on golden syrup, but isn't online. A search for "rice Krispie cake -marshmallow", possibly ...


Sugar water will just make your Krispies soggy. Anything but gelatin and marshmallows will make them taste funny, but sufficient peanut (or other nut) butter, to make the stuff stick together, plus an egg might give you something tasty and edible after baking.


The gelatin has come out of the bones; I find a good chicken stock is often a bit gelatinous when cooled. As a general rule, when you cook stock for a really long time/on a higher heat, then it's likely to have a higher gelatin content (as it will reduce more and there is also more time for the gelatin to transfer from the bones to the stock liquid). ...

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