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I would not "add" agar - I'd simply switch from gelatin to agar (or agar-agar if that makes it easier to spot at the store.) I personally find the powdered version easiest to measure/work with, but be aware that it also comes as rather large "sticks" that look somewhat like a clear dried noodle. It's not a direct substitution - I generally use somewhat less ...


I have tried a variety of additives to gelatin in a range of blends and unfortunately, nothing seems to significantly increase the melting point. The additives I have tried include: agar, glycerin, corn starch, pectin, sugar, and corn syrup.


I make bone broth. I cook for up to twelve hours on my wood stove. cool take off fat. put in jars and pressure can. so it has been at quite hot temperatures. All my jars are so hard to get the broth out of the gel is so thick I have to spoon it out. So I don't thin temp will affect much. I have thought of filtering and trying in a fruit jelly perhaps a thick ...


The best way to get the sheet gelatine to stay in one piece before you squeeze the water out is soaking it in ice cold water. Not chilled or room temperature or tap water but ice water.

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