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Storing in glass could make some difference as the fat is not reacting with glass.


I can't remember where I got this idea but I striped the copper wire out of some 12 gauge inside wiring. I painstakingly formed it into a coil and placed it on the big burner. The cast iron skillet never touched the stove top and it also helps keep the food from scorching. Please remember not to touch it until it cools. You can hide it in the lid drawer ...


First off I want to point out the term "fresh". While some containers might keep milk from spoiling for longer, it may not taste as nice. Several things might be why: 1.) Plastics leach flavor and odor into the milk. Cardboard cartons are also lined with plastic, not wax since about the 1940s. I would say this is likely the biggest impact-- I've always ...

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