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The difference between gluten and gliadin is the one already explained in your question: Gliadin is a precursor to gluten. You could say that gliadin is to gluten what grains are to porridge. Gluten is the result of glutenin reacting with gliadin in the presence of water, just like porridge is the result of grains "reacting" with milk in the presence of ...


Any chance there's a lot of noise in your kitchen? Maybe urban legend or not but I know every time my mom's made yorkshire pudding we have to be queit otherwise they won't rise properly. I also strongly agree with the gluten differential - gluten brownies compared to gluten free brownies have a completely different texture and 'springiness'


I would check your oven temperature to be sure it's actually right, and also I'm wondering if you're over-proofing your dough, which could possibly result in it deflating when it goes into the oven, or at the very least result in a lackluster rise.


Pure oats ARE gluten-free. If you can't tolerate gluten at all, you need to be sure that your oats aren't "processed in a facility that also processes wheat, rye or barley", which can contaminate oats with gluten. The big brands in the US that guarantee gluten-free are Bob's Red Mill and Trader Joe's. Check the label if you are sensitive to gluten! Quaker ...


Just use gluten free oats. You could also use another gluten free whole grain, like brown rice, and many are available rolled.

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