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While I do not believe it is necessary to "crutch" ribs, it can be done, and the most popular method is called the "3-2-1 Method." (see the writeup on Steven Raichlen's Barbecue Bible site here: ) The prescribed method is to cook unwrapped for three hours, two hours in foil, and one additional hour ...


If you like bland and stringy fast, parboil them. If you like flavorful,tender, melt in your mouth ribs, never parboil the ribs.


Boil or steam them using beer (for a traditional flavor combination) or water before grilling. Grill for flavor, not as the sole means of heating them. This is more about cooking faster (or more evenly, anyway) than slicing, though that step will also make them hold together better if sliced after boil/steam and before grilling. But if they are basically ...


1.) clean the grill - easier to do when not searing hot 2.) now let grill get hot - mine goes to 600+ with lid down 3.) use a few sheets of paper towel patting the fish to ensure it is as dry as you can get it 4.) Now I season the flesh side, rubbing in spices like a dry rub 5.) thoroughly oil skin side of fish - I use olive oil 6.) initially cook skin ...

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