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My husband says to use the dull side


The Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, the folks who are responsible for certifying authentic Neapolitan pizza, say that "real Neapolitan pizza must be cooked in a wood-fired dome oven operating at a temperature of about 900 F." They do, however, say that it is possible to "produce a delicious pizza" in other types of ovens. Despite the fact that you ...


As measured by a Thermoworks IR gun thermometer, I've reached the maximum range on the thermometer (approx. 1000f) on some areas of the cast-iron grates of my charcoal grill on several occasions. I used oak lump charcoal in fairly large quantities (a few layers, started with an electric coil, supplemental charcoal added after the coals were convincingly ...


Alton Brown made a tandoor out of his kettle grill and a terra-cotta pot in Good Eats season 13, episode 17 ("The Curious Case of Curry"). It could reach very high temperatures. I obviously can't link to that video, but there are plenty of similar videos on YouTube.


I would not use a regular pan on a wood fire bbq grill (even on a stone). You can use a cast iron dutch oven (or maybe a Japanese cast iron rice cooker). After that, you will need to keep control of the heat your grill generates at it can get really hot in a dutch oven. Nice grill btw.


Ribs should not be cooked with direct heat, generally. The directions on the meat are VERY defective. You should turn the left burner on, and put the ribs in the right side of the grill. You should cook at a temperature between 250-300F, typically for 4-5 hours. They're done when the meat pulls back from the bone and when you can easily tear the meat between ...


This started as a +1 comment to GgD's answer, but it's too long, so I'll post separately. I agree with GgD: Buy a charcoal grill. You can actually have a "grilled brat" with better taste, for less money than gas. A quick internet search shows small charcoal grills selling for as low as $15-20. And you can do a perfectly fine job grilling on even the ...


If you cannot splash out on a propane barbecue why not use charcoal? There are plenty of options there, you can pick up very simple bucket barbecues for very little money, and in my personal opinion you get much better flavor from charcoal than gas. For brats a disposable charcoal barbecue will give you decent results, and they are pretty inexpensive. Look ...


Most ovens have a 'broil' setting (where the top element is on, and not the lower element). You'll likely want a 'broiler pan' so that you can drain the grease away from the food (and catch it so it doesn't light on fire). They're under $20 online. Set the rack of the oven so that the food will be about 2" from the upper heating element. Heat the broiler ...

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