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Generally for indirect heat on a grill, you have the heat source on at one half or one third of the grill, depending on the size and the other side is the indirect heat area. The effect only works when the cover of the grill is down.


Dutch ovens are great at reducing the splatter from frying. The high vertical sides really cut down on the mess. Chicken fryer pans are quite similar, basically a skillet with comparatively high and vertical sides (or like a shallow dutch oven depending on ones perspective) and are designed to reduce splatter and provide a deeper pool of fat. A chicken fryer ...


To make a perfect burger in the kitchen, a hot cast-iron skillet is your best friend. To keep from making a mess, use one of these: That's a splatter screen. It allows air to move freely, but keeps grease in the pan and off of your walls. EDIT: In comments, Cindy Askew recommended the above plus using the cheapest available aluminum foil to protect ...


As @IMHO has stated, stainless-steel grates are the most effective way to avoid this problem. I have a set of stainless-steel grates for my weber kettle and smoker, they've never rusted and I even clean them once a year in the dishwasher. (Yes, they do fit - just barely.) They are a bit more expensive, but are worth the investment, as they are more ...

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