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In my favorite way to grill salmon, I don't try to keep it from sticking. I do a normal grill prep, which includes oiling the grates initially. The salmon goes on the grill skin side up. With good heat and prep, you should get very nice grill marks on the meat and not much tearing when you flip. Then the skin side is down for the second half. The grates ...


This may not be the answer you're looking for, but my favorite way to grill salmon is by placing the fillet on a grilling plank. (something like this). You soak a plank for 30 minutes to an hour in water, while you let your rub (or marinade or whatever) soak into the salmon. Then, place the salmon on the plank, and put the plank on the grill! I tried my ...


To atop salmon skin from sticking: Use a sharp knife, and with a motion against the scales direction, remove any leftover scales and tear the outer skin so that you get a nice diamond pattern. Pat the skin dry with enough paper towels so that there is absolutely no moisture left to be removed. This step is crucial - don't skimp on the paper towels! Oil ...


If you don't fancy cooking in aluminium foil (kind of takes the point away), you need to make sure you have a super clean, extremely hot grill. Why? Clean (No tasty burnt fat from the burgers), flesh sticks like #### to a blanket. You can get away with it when cooking steaks because they are just so much stronger. So get a wire brush and clean an area for ...


Use aluminum foil or even non-stick aluminum foil directly on the grate. You can use a fork to punch holes in it so that you get optimal smoke circulation if you like. The fish won't stick and clean-up is a breeze.


Same issue here. Had to finish my ribs in the oven (although I did line a cookie sheet with foil :))even after pulling the charcoal pan and drilling holes and starting over. Ate through the coal and wood hunks (the wood hunks were all that would bring temp to 220 or so). I'll play with with this pos til it rusts out the. Get a decent smoker.


Just do the same thing - cut the ends off, drizzle on some oil, wrap in foil, and leave them.

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