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High torque and continuous duty motors definitely help, so you won't burn out your grinder. Also be sure to look at how much it can hold; if it's too small you'll have to do a lot of batches. I have been using a Bamix immersion grinder for over 10 years and wore out 2 grinding attachments. It will make creamy or coarse nut butter, depending on how much you ...


Yes, unfortunately, I have not encountered a grinder that can grind the coffee beans fine enough for Turkish coffee. It is perhaps more accurate to call it "to pound" instead of "to grind" when it comes to Turkish coffee. I think the best device for it is a mortar, a hand mill could als work.


I usually grate my jaggery block on a microplane grater although your standard cheese grater will work too. I haven't tried a food processor yet, although that would probably work. Next time I'm going to get granulated palm sugar as I've found working with a jaggery block too much hassle.

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