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The only reason to sweeten a dish like this is personal taste, you could add less or leave it out, it's not essential for a beef casserole. It could be a substitute for molasses, although why you'd add 1/2 cup of molasses to a beef casserole it beyond me. As for why it's in there who knows? It may be when the recipe was first made that some of the ...


I completely agree with the comment that says the whole purpose of a slow cooker is too save time and energy. As a mother of 5 the scientific raining or a chefs training for using a slow cooker if something I could care less about. It's all about convenience and saving time for us mom's of multiple children. Some of us work fill time and by the time we gets ...


Given your description, I assume that you are speaking of green cardamom. I, however, use black cardamom in my chili. It is a radically different spice from the green, and imparts a smokiness to the chili. I highly recommend exploring that. So, yes, for me it is a staple. Black and Green Cardamom


Cincinnati Chili often has cardamom, along with cinnamon and cocoa. Cardamom is used in savory and sweet foods all over the world, not just in India. If you have reason to want to try this particular recipe, then try the recipe as written. There are thousands of beloved recipes for all kinds of chili. There is no reason to say, "That one looks good, I'll ...


I noticed the color today with lasagna. The grease coming off the beef was actually orange. When I put some of the beef in boiling water, it came out a natural color and tasted much different, while the water was orange and the pot had an orange-colored scum. I am sure it wasn't from tomatoes. I suspect that the restaurant used cheap hamburger meat and added ...


Ground meat is safe for 1 - 2 days in the fridge. Ground meat is prone to spoil fast due to the larger surface per unit of measure compared to non-ground meat.

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