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My first guess was "oxidation". Googling that I found a lot of results. Here is one blurb about 'Meat Flavor Deterioration': MFD is initiated during processing procedures such as grinding, cutting, freezing, tumbling, massaging, and/or cooking. Iron liberated from meat pigments catalyzes oxidative degradation of highly unsaturated lean tissue ...


When you buy a burger from a fast food restaurant you are buying a product that has been engineered to provide absolute consistency, be very fast to cook, and be as cheap as possible so it can be offered at a low price for a reasonable profit. The grill marks are engineered in, and they are given coatings which will give the right appearance when cooked. ...


never try to thaw it in microwave or a regular oven. It will change the taste of the beef in a bad way as the protein would get denatured due to sudden change in temperatures. You might actually thaw it just by keeping it under running water, it would hardly take 10-15 min.


You can of course try to thaw it in your microwave (if you have one) or in your regular oven on low heat. However, I've never had any problems cooking with frozen ground beef. Just cook it on fairly low-medium heat and scrape off the outer layers as they get thawed. This might be easier and take a shorter amount of time if you manage to split it into smaller ...

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