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How can I fix the slimey texture. Okra produces slime because the Okra plant and its fruit contain nasty stuff called mucilage. When you apply heat to the Gumbo, the slime comes out. But there are a few techniques for reducing all that sliminess, namely pan frying or grilling prior to adding it to the Gumbo.


As for working, they will certainly work. A cook can learn to use pots with irregular heating patterns. The bigger problem is, can you work with large pots? If no, then your plan won't work, independently of the pot thickness you choose. A pot of this size just doesn't behave like a small pot. It will have a heat gradient vertically, and, unless you have a ...


I like the aluminum cored stainless better than bare aluminum. Lots of ingredients react with aluminum that can distinctly affect color and taste of food.

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