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Here's a link to a page where you can get them shipped from, or find the nearest store: http://www.powershopper.com/products/findneareststore.asp?companyid=13&partnumber=6712483&companies=13 It sounds like the term "chicken" means the same thing in PEI for haddock ('haddie')as it does in Maine for lobsters, that is, small. (Minimum size lobsters ...


Compound butter is a very nice accompaniment for fish. "Compound butter is a mixture of softened butter and at least one other ingredient. Some ideas for compound butter are: herbs, spices, citrus zest/juice, honey, fresh mint, soft cheeses (like goat), fresh or dried peppers, and nuts…you get the idea – this list could be endless!" You can cook the fish ...


Apparently the chicken haddie plant had fire damage and we have not been able to buy it for over a year now in New Brunswick, Canada. I too grew up with it for making the best fish cakes. Anyway, the plant is up and running again as of January 2012 and I've been buying at Sobeys.


Babineaus Chicken Haddies is for sale again at Sobeys stores. I just brought two cans today, it is made by Babineaus Fisheries in PEI. We boil and mash potatoes add diced onion and Chicken Haddie mash it all together and pan fry it or make fish cakes.


They just started selling it again, at the Fisherman's Market it Halifax.


you can get it at superstore OceanChoice makes it from Newfoundland Babineau's chicken Haddie


Wow! Talking about dating yourself, I worked for Connors Bros in the later seventies as a quality manager testing Chicken Haddies , I got here because I was completing some information and was struggling to remember if Chicken Haddies was a mixture of cod and haddock. Connors Bros , Black Harour still are in business but I think Chicken Haddies was dropped ...


The OCI plant in St. Lawrence, NL still makes it. Whether you can buy directly from them or not I don't know.


As I child I, too, had chowder made with canned fish - but my parents called it Finnan Haddies, not Chicken Haddies. Finnan Haddies still exist - they are a name for smoked haddock. Maybe they used the name they knew from Britain to refer to the Ontario canned product. These days I make the chowder with canned tuna, but perhaps you could try getting smoked ...


If I was eating it, I'd simply squeeze some lemon juice over the fish on my plate. I've also had haddock with a white sauce or a cheese sauce. I'd suggest making a cheese sauce using philly cream cheese and some milk. An alternative to pan seared would be to bake. There are lot of suggestions for baked haddock in google.


Your fish didn't "bind" because cooking fish actually breaks down the muscle fibres. Some fish have denser flesh that holds up better to frying and grilling. Tuna and swordfish are two common examples. Other fish have a flakier flesh such as haddock and red snapper. Haddock is a good fish for deep frying. You can also bake it to have it maintain its form. ...


I got some in Winnipeg, at the Gimli Fish Market. The brand was Babineau chicken haddie. It cost 7.99 per can.

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