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Using atta(Whole wheat flour) instead of maida(AP flour) will impart two changes in the recipe: Color: using atta will give you slightly darker color than using maida. Flavor: using maida will give you cleaner flavor where chicken flavor and/or spices will dominate, while using atta will give you slightly earthy, wheaty flavor. But these are usually ...


I've recently started making smashed burgers -- -- which you make thin, then double up. It makes it much easier to get well-done but not overdone burgers. You get a good taste because there's a lot of surface meat getting browned. With thick steaks, the trick is to ...


Combine @Onepotmeals answer (letting the temp of the meat rise before cooking) and @JacobG (lower cooking temp) and you have the canonical answer. Also you said you nothing fancier than a frying pan--don't stress on that. My best meat cookery has been in my iron frying pan: stove top and in the oven.


To avoid the middle being undercooked, once I sear the outside of the rissole, I cover the hotplate in foil, just loosely - this creates a little oven that the rissoles can cook through - it also improves the time taken to cook them.

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