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I would say if you want to improve on your burgers, go even simpler. Season only with salt and pepper, or even just salt, after you form your patties. Rely upon the salt to bring out the flavor of your beef, and the maillard reaction from cooking to add flavor and texture. Anything more and you are likely to overwhelm what is some quality beef.


My family had a fast food restaurant that was very successful. My father thought that good beef burgers should be either half pound to one pound burgers, flattened to about a little under 1/2 inch as they would "beef up" or fatten up a bit, cooked medium for juicy and only salt and pepper after turning the meat on the cooked side. The grill was flat and ...


I use 80/20 beef for my burgers and don't have to use any oil in the cast iron pan. Cooking it on a medium heat. Kinda go by sight so couldn't tell you how long until you flip them but I don't have the issue of it being burned on the outside. I like my burgers medium as well. I do think that the fat percentage does make a difference and the type of pan you ...

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