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To me it's really about the juices. I often hate cookout burgers because they are so dry. Coming them medium allows juice while killing most of the bad bacteria. But I'm america we tend to use sauce to make our food good. So that's the difference. Overseas they put sauce for a hint of flavor. In America we load out food with sauce so it'll automatically ...


The only properly safe way to do it would be to cook the burger sous vide until it has been pasteurised. I've done burgers at 55C using thickness and the Modernist Cuisine tables to calculate the cooking time. You just have to be careful when browning them afterwards not to completely undo all your good work by leaving them on the heat for too long.


Beef has a firm, closed texture, which prevents bacteria penetrating far into the meat. This is why it's relatively safe to eat a rare steak: you kill the surface bacteria by searing it, and the middle is relatively bacteria free. When you grind beef, you of course mix the surface with the middle, which increases the risk. To be safe, you should therefore ...


You're right with your assumption that surface bacteria should to be killed and by the process of grinding meat the surfaces bateria mixes into the interior. BUT: There is also steak tartare which is basically minced beef consumed raw. The trick is to get the meat from a trustworthy source, store it at low temperatures, process it in an environment which is ...

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