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No. Trans fats require a specific process to form. Oil is heated under pressure, and hydrogen gas is injected in the presence of a catalyst. This forces a chemical reaction to occur, resulting in what we call trans fats. No kitchen is likely to have the ingredients (e.g. hydrogen gas) and equipment necessary for making trans fats. You will not make trans ...


Well I am not 100% sure when the headache starts. Like most headache's its difficult to trace the cause. To avoid the headache you need to know where it is coming from. It happens either while your cooking or after you eaten? If its while your cooking, it could be: 1. Heat from standing at the stove. So if you get headaches generally from heat this is ...


Are you using non-stick cookware? Beware because there is a well-documented medical effect caused by the fumes released when various non-stick components are heated starting at about 300 °F (149 °C) and beyond. Polymer fume fever You should always have something in a non-stick pan when it is over a flame.


I am actually doing this is school now, the thermal cup keeps it warm, because it is a better insulator meaning it doesn't transfer heat much. So the heat will stay in the cup and not spread out in the air, the air pocket is to slow down the transfer of heat. I recommend this type of cup, if you are looking for one to take to work, or just keep it warm.


You would have to find the crack (presumably there is a crack which is tight when cold, but opens with heating due to thermal expansion) and then you would need to fix it, or have someone else fix it, with a food safe (lead and cadmium free) solder or brazing material. Whether this is economical or not depends on many factors: Can you do it yourself, do ...

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