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Cilantro The leaf on the left is Coriander - it's a slightly lighter green, and has rounder leaves. Botanical Classification Coriandrum sativum is an annual herb in the family Apiaceae. Uses All parts: leaves, roots, stems and seeds are used in cooking either as a garnish, a key ingredient or as a powder. Regions used/found Native to ...


We're hard-wired to relax with warm drinks, right from our very first hours with mom, so of course, warm beverages tend to be more relaxing than cold ones. Now for the physics of it all: Heat is an indication of the energy in any given substance. The energy determines how active (and reactive) it is. That is why sugar dissolves more quickly and completely ...


Since the flavor of mint fades with heat, I suggest you add the dried mint as a topping upon serving after you turn off the heat, and after pouring your recipe into the serving dish.


Pure peppermint, wintergreen oils, and menthol crystals are easily found online. A little goes a long way, and they'll stand up to 100°C for at least 15 minutes.


The aroma and flavor of mint is destroyed very rapidly by heat. If you want a big mint impact, I would eliminate the dried (dried herbs can be good, but are a completely different flavor profile from fresh) and add a lot of fresh mint immediately before serving.

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