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Apparently marigold is quite common in Georgian cooking. I found the following excerpt on this page : Marigold is the "saffron" of Georgia, and although only a little is used, it does make a difference to the colour and flavour. Now, you might think it might be hard to get the spice marigold in Japan, but you would be wrong! I know of at least 3 sources ...


As long as they are NOT slimy and well cleaned use them. I blend in food processor with fresh garlic, olive oil and a bit of good Parma just so it sticks. Take a large tray or cookie sheet, cover with waxed paper drop by large spoonfuls (they spread a bit) and freeze. When frozen take off waxed paper and freeze in ZIP lock bags. You have a good beginning ...


Try a tiny pinch of ground cloves. This is the secret ingredient in the creamed spinach at the Capital Grill.

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