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If it is very dark in colour and has a bit of a bitter taste, it could be a garden sage (Salvia officinalis) honey. cheers!


Commercial honey is frequently adulterated. It's not the same consistency because it's not pure honey.


This should be a comment but I am not yet able to do so. My neighbour is a beekeeper and I asked him the same thing yesterday. The reason why (or rather when) honey crystallises or not is because of the ratio of glucose to fructose. The former tends to crystallise, the latter not so much, but in general every honey crystallises when left alone. Now as Chris ...


The raw honey at your farmer's market is likely unfiltered. Usually raw, unfiltered raw honey can only be purchased directly from the bee farm. Characterised by fine textured crystals, it looks cloudier and contains particles and flecks made of bee pollen, honeycomb bits, propolis, and even broken bee wing fragments. Raw and unfiltered honey and ...

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