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I have just enjoyed some of my 20+ year old cut comb honey from our own bees. Although dark in colour, it was excellent


What comes to mind immediately is to experiment with different varieties. Honeys vary a lot in sweetness and strength of flavor. From About.com Acacia honey is very sweet with a clean, pure, classic honey flavor. Alfalfa is a light honey but with a nice mild spicy note and floral aroma. Blueberry honey has a slight tang and a fruity flavor. Buckwheat is ...


Well we just opened up a vacuum seeped container of honeycomb with honey. Always heard that honey doesn't go bad so we dug in. It was so bitter and the comb virtually disintigrated. So, we knew honey is good basically forever but honeycomb IS NOT! I am just really hoping we don't get sick.


The best first resource and guideline for replicating specific commercial products is always the nutritional fact information on the back of the package. http://planters.com/varieties/nutrition-information.aspx?Site=1&Product=2900007345 Ingredients: Peanuts, sugar, honey, oils, corn syrup, salt, fructose, & stuff. The lesson, here, is that ...

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