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I can't read the minds of all the recipe authors, but I do have a couple ideas. I've found it's definitely easy to overdo salt in ice cream. A very small quantity goes a long way. In most cases you don't actually want it to taste salty, you just want a tiny hint that people will only notice as improved flavor. The quantities are small enough that it'll be ...


pure water freezes at 0°C (32°F), water that has salt dissolved in it has to be colder before it freezes. also there is a possibility of crystalization of the salt


Perhaps a cornstarch base to help thicken the mixture might help. Also the advice about taking it and whisking is very important.


It may freeze hard, that depends upon the sugar and salt content and any other ingredients, like alcohol, that don't freeze solidly. If it does freeze hard it should be like store-bought ice cream, not icy. Ice cream that seems like softserve before it goes into the freezer should not crystallize. If it does, that usually means that it wasn't packed ...


I have made marshmallows using Alton Brown's method; it works and is a lot of fun. If you don't form the individual marshmallows, but just swirl it into the ice cream while it's still a sticky mess, that should work for your swirl. There is even a video in that link. As ElendilTheTall mentioned in comments, you probably should reduce the amount of gelatin ...

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