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I read that as 2 cups of Greek yogurt made from whole milk (ie not low- or non-fat yogurt). The comma does make it confusing, however.


After some more research, I stumbled onto this post. The "standard ice cream" recipe linked from there uses 0.4% of a "stabilizer blend" (8g out of 1950g of ingredients). GMS and CMC would fall into the stabilizers and emulsifiers category. I used 7g of GMS and 1g of CMC, which seems to be a fairly common ratio in recipes using these ingredients. The ...


Use 0.3% of Glycerol Monostearate, it is plenty to stabilise the emulsion. CMC is generaly used in quantity ranging from 0.05 to 0.15% in the ice cream industry.


You do not need those additive for home-made ice cream; just practice some more or use a different recipe. To answer your question: Those two additives are (mostly) used by commercial ice-cream makers either as a emulsifier (GMS) and thickener (CMC), i.e. instead of properly churning the custard at the proper temperature; and that will also help the ...

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