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THE ONE FAILSAFE AND SIMPLE SOLUTION USING SAME RECIPE I know this is an old thread but seems like no one has found the solution. I had the same problem for over 6 years, living in France and was very frustrated. Found this solution and I have no issues whatsoever now. Beat butter and icing sugar together FIRST. You can add as much or as little sugar as ...


For each of my (now 16) birthdays, I've had a cake decorated by my mum, with ready to roll icing: I just asked her. She said: I normally go for 4 to 5mm. Any less and it is liable to rip. 3 is the thinnest I can get it. I think that 5mm is a reasonable thickness (I like icing) but if you can get it to 3, go for that. 2 or less is stingy!

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