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From what I can find, it seems like the cabbage used for many Indian dishes is what we in the US would call green cabbage. In the pictures of cabbage poriyal that I saw, the cabbage appeared to have a smooth texture rather that a crinkly texture like Napa or Savoy cabbage would have. Here are a couple of excerpts from an article about cabbage use in ...


Spice mixes tend to vary quite a lot from recipe to recipe. If you go to an Indian shop and compare a few brands of tandoori masala (or search online for different recipes) you'll probably notice that there are quite large differences in both the quantity and types of spices used. I've tried a few packaged tandoori masala and have tried a few recipes and ...


Its liquid cheess mixture of processed cheese and permezan cheese


The answer is in the fat content. Low fat will curdle when cooking.

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