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The closest I have come to the perfect naan with an oven is: 1: Pre-heat (after brushing very lightly with cooking oil) a flat, large pan (I use one of indian design, probably designed for chapatties) to as high as it will go. When the brushed oil starts smoking it's ready. If the oil pools, you've used too much. 2: Put the shaped naan on then ...


I would recommend to always marinate the meat with spices and yoghurt for at least 6 - 8 hrs or overnight in in the fridge. This makes the meat tender and juicy plus to avoid burning never put your biryani directly on the flame. What you can do is put a tawa on the stove then sealed biryani pot on it which will surely help. Usually biryani takes 45 – 50 mins ...


My friend uses only citric acid pdr just before steaming the Khaman....turns out great.

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