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350 degrees is very high temperature for tikkas. Use a 180 degree oven. But first you need to boil the chicken for 5 to 10 minutes on medium heat, then put the chicken in marinade ingredients and after 10 minutes, put it in the oven. It'll take 20 minutes to cook.


An important factor is the type of tomatoes, and more specifically, how watery they are. For example, roma tomatoes tend to be more fleshy, so I rarely go above 1:1 with those, while hothouse tomatoes can be very watery, so I may even go up to 3:1.


The problem is the rolling pin... Indian rolling pins are thicker at the centre, and taper towards the end. This helps to spread the dough into a more circular circle.


Ratio should be 1 onion and 2 tomatoes.reason is onion is naturally sweet in taste and when u caramelised it it's become more sweet so adding double quantity of tomato help to balance the sweet in ur gravy.


In India best variety of wheat berries for making chapatti is "sharbati". which is tastiest among all wheat varieties. The atta from this variety is lighter in colour.The sharbati is grown in central India around Bhopal region.The sharbati is aestivum genre. The sharbati fields are only rain fed no organised irrigation.


Mint chutney is normally almost all herbs (mint and cilantro), and it's ground/blended so it's completely green: (from this mint chutney recipe) I can't really see the chutney/dip in your picture that well. You say it was mint and yogurt, and it looks like it might be pale green, so I'd guess it just had overall more yogurt than usual. But as long as it'...


A dough seal is a good way to stop (most)steam from escaping the dish, but kitchen towel is a poor substitution. It is pretty porous and will stop very little steam when its wet. Heavy thing on the lid will not work good too because the lid and pot does not match 100% in the edges, leaving channels where steams escape. Another way is to put the lid on and ...


As far as I'm aware, the traditional Greek tzatziki doesn't generally include mint at all. It's a cucumber dip that is made of yogurt and sometimes includes dill or mint as a flavoring: Tzatziki (Anglicized: /tsɑːtˈsiːki/ }; Greek: τζατζίκι [dzaˈdzici] or [dʒaˈdʒici]) is a Greek sauce served with grilled meats or as a dip. Tzatziki is made of strained ...


They're both fried, but they don't seem to be that similar in composition. Falafel isn't veggies in flour, it's pretty much just a seasoned chickpea (or fava bean) paste. That paste is pretty thick, so while it might have some extra flour to bind even better, or to make it easier to form into balls, it's not just a flour-based fritter. And sure, the ...

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