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Its really good experience to cook and eat food cooked with sunflower oil but olive oil is also a good choice to cook. Don't use olive oil for frying, it can be used for shallow fry and to make curry where you don't needed to cook at high temperature.


I usually grate my jaggery block on a microplane grater although your standard cheese grater will work too. I haven't tried a food processor yet, although that would probably work. Next time I'm going to get granulated palm sugar as I've found working with a jaggery block too much hassle.


I have used Olive Oil too in the past with Greek Yogurt with half table spoon honey and lemon and lime to taste. Mix to form paste and apply. Brush light to remove masala coating if you want to or reduce it. Also cool the chicken in fridge so masala is less. Hope I understood your question.


Kneading dough is important. Make sure you don't knead very tight and roll it very tight. While frying heat oil to high and reduce to medium. Wait for few seconds and fry the jamun in medium or low heat. Add baking powder which helps to soft. Dont leave the fried jamun out for long after frying. Drop it in sugar syrup. Make sure it dips completely in the ...

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