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Distilled alcohol doesn't spoil, and in high enough concentrations (20% or above) will preserve food. If your grandma's homemade hooch is strong enough (and it isn't adulterated with any harmful chemicals) it will not have any foodborne illnesses in it and should be safe to drink. A quick test for alcohol content is to see if it starts on fire at room ...


Depends on the oil, when we infuse like to think of it as steeping not boiling or heating to the point of just below the smoke point as the spices will cook and not infuse, some will also become bitter. I also suggest you put your chilis in all at once or toward the end of the infusion process if you are layering the flavor or want a less intense flavor. ...


This is really simple to do. Get a high quality coconut oil that is Hydrogenated. And pour 16oz of nuts into 1-2 tablespoons of oil. Mix around in bowl and let sit for a few hours in the refrigerator. Pour them onto a paper towel or clean cloth and let the excess oil be soaked up.

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