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I have been using a starter I started with a Belgium blonde for some time now. I feed it every twelve hours because it stays out all the time. It has a great funky sour taste. I use it in everything. Never really worried about pH. It bubbles away and raises nice. I do sometimes add yeast though.


There are so many recipes for making a dal and the type of onions do not matter. You can use any kind of onions and in fact you can prepare dal without onions too.


I have some suggestions for alternative emulsifiers, and a concern to express using eggs given the intended purpose of your syrup. Alternative Emulsifiers As to how "every-day" these are, it will depend on where you are in the UK. I can find these easily in the states at places like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, etc in the bulk spice/flour aisle. Lecithin ...


I think you will have much better luck if you just wait to get an appropriate almond extract. Aside from the difficulty of mixing an oil based flavoring, you'll run into texture issues if you do get it mixed. Generally an emulsion will be thicker than the component liquids. Further, the flavor probably won't be what you want. If you're creating a water or ...

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