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I believe Haddock has a lot higher sodium count then Cod


To back up what I say, I can site lots of articles that said said all sorts of things. Some that made sense, others not. Although I put it all together as such. Some black teas are premium ones (labelled Assam, Ceylon, Darjeeling, Nilgiri, Keemun, Souchong, and Yunnan). Also estate Africa blacks and good grade South/Central American ones which they also have ...


Lighter roast beans, who have contact with the lower heated surfaces will taste less burnt, and less like an ashtray. That's what my taste buddies tell me. The oil on darker roasted beans is something shiny. It distracts me from the intricate differences in flavors of the light roast. Oils are not in and of themselves bearers of "bad" qualities, and can ...


I don't know of a specific formal term, but I'd use 'bulk' as both the noun and the verb ("bulk out the stew it out with potatoes", "the meatballs are bulked out with breadcrumbs") A quick Google for 'Bulk Out' reveals several dictionaries defining it exactly in this sense.


I am going to go with ... Drumroll please ... Fillers credit to my girlfriend who helped me figure out the word I was looking for. Examples like you stated...starchy root veg in beef stews or the rice in black beans and rice. Though ingredients used to add color I would really call a garnish even if it's not placed on top of the finished product.


I own Cocktails: The Bartender's Bible which has every drink I've ever heard of and a zillion more that I hadn't. In its opening, it lists 14 "key ingredients" that, along with mixers, make over 500 cocktails, including pretty much all of the standards. Those are: Vodka Gin Rum Tequila Scotch Cognac Bourbon Triple Sec Orange Liqueur Apricot Liqueur Berry ...

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