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We metropolitan French distinguish "levure chimique" and "levure organique" (also called "levure de boulanger"). The first one is baking powder (the carbonated molecule), the latter is yeast (the fungi). If there is only "levure" written, it generally means "levure chimique" (baking powder), as it is more readily available, rises faster, and doesn't need to ...


Google translate confirms Didgeridrew's answer (not that it was necessary) ;) Some of the envelopes say 10g, some say 11g. Almost all say it contains the right amount to add to 500g flour. I weighed 2 tsp of baking powder: 10.67g


According to this site and a google image search one packet of "Levure chimique" is 10-11g (or approximately 2 teaspoons) of baking powder.


East Asian soy milk and American soy milk taste very different, and not just because of added ingredients like sugar and emulsifiers. Soy beans contain an enzyme called lipoxidase, which breaks down unsaturated fatty acids into shorter chain lipids. For American markets, manufacturers presoak the beans in solvents such as calcium hydroxide in order to ...


The American Standard is White Vinegar when your recipe does not specify. That is the official word on it from a chef.


I like the first answer, but feel the need to clarify the 'pepperoni' reference. Yes, they are slices of bagels. However, if you cut a bagel vertically in half as it rests flat and treat each half as if you were slicing a curved salumi, all of your chips will be inconsistently thick on one edge and thin on the other (thanks to the properties of a torus). ...


Bagel chips are just bagels sliced into little rounds- think bagel pepperoni. I know of a few different ways to make them, but generally you just bake or toast the rounds (you can butter each slice a little bit or drizzle olive oil over them before baking) until crispy. Here's a good recipe. I'd personally recommend using egg bagels, they have an excellent ...

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