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Heinz and some other companies sell a product that they call 'chili sauce', which might be what you're looking for. It's a tomato-based sauce, with some spices and seasoning, but it's not particularly spicy. If you have access to Dutch & German ingredients, you might replace it with one of the thicker shashlik sauces (aka 'curry ketchup'). If you have ...


That recipe will make a Heinz 57 clone. A1 is essentially thickened Worcestershire sauce. However if you want to make Heinz 57, the. Use Heinz chili sauce.


Yes it does, frozen seafood is typically soaked in a Sodium Tripolyphosphate bath so it holds water weight. This is why a milky white liquid leaches out when you cook it. It has nothing to do with cells being broken. This is why sushi grade fish maintains its texture, its flash frozen. The more you know...

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