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Opened a Havens Black an Blue and discovered the "fizziness" described in this conversation. Not stored in a warm place. Left in the glass, for a good 20 minutes, the effervescence dissipated. I decanted the bottle and left it for the second round at the table, opening a merit age from a different producer, stored in the same location, which was a fine, ...


You could use nut butter, caramelized sugar, marshmellows or gelatin to bind things together, but it really depends on what is in the powder you are trying to solidify.


Sugar helps with moisture content and its mobility in baked goods. Every industrial sliced bread has sugar as a major ingredient. It is there to slow down staling. It's not clear how it does it, but sugar seems to impede the modification of starch and the flow of moisture to gluten. Sugar also helps breads retain more moisture. This very obvious among ...


the smell of the melon, peaches, etc. will tell you if they are ripe. the firmness of fruit will tell if overripe, however that won't work with melons. An overly sweet melon usually mean its too ripe.

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