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As it turns out, my dough was very cold. Due dilligence: here's a full answer. One of the requirements of yeast for fermentation is appropriate temperature. Cold dough straight from the fridge won't rise, or it will only rise very slowly. 25-30°C is a recommended temperature range for rising, although cooler temperatures can work. Duh.


The method I've used to add toppings to frozen pizza is- use frozen toppings. For example, green peppers are in my opinion a great addition to pizza. I usually keep frozen green peppers and other pizza-worthy vegetables for use with many things, and frozen pizza is one of them. This way, I simply add the toppings to the pizza before baking and viola! Easy, ...


Well, it seems that Mazarin's predecessor (and at the time, mentor), Cardinal Richelieu, was instrumental in the creation of the Treaty of Bärwalde, which made Sweden and France steadfast allies (with the French basically funding nearly forty thousand Swedish soldiers). Once Mazarin replaced Richelieu there were already strong diplomatic ties between the two ...


One of the best toppings for a pizza is egg, just don't put it on at the start. Let the pizza cook for about 12 minutes then crack the egg on top and place back in for another 6-8 minutes. This should leave the egg runny, but if you don't want it like this then just leave for a little longer. Onions and peppers are good toppings as well and they can go on ...


I do this quite frequently, as well as making my own pizzas. Most pizzas will cook in approximately 20 minutes, so it is absolutely fine to put any of your favourite toppings on right from the start of cooking. It may be beneficial for some foods which are more likely to char (such as broccoli or thinly sliced ham) to be either dipped in water first or ...


Former New Yorker here, grew up on LI where there has to be a pizza shop in every strip center. Calzone & Stromboli are different in SHAPE and ingredients. Calzone will have a red gravy and the Stromboli will have Ricotta cheese instead. Calzone is dress a half the dough with meats and sauce and Mozzarella, fold over other half of dough and crimp ...


Sweet refers to the sweet basil that is not in the mild

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