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I've found the following to make tomato sauces bitter: Tomato seeds Underripe tomatoes Burnt garlic Usually, adding sweetness helps somewhat, although letting the garlic get too brown, let alone burn it, can hardly be corrected for. Some things I've found to help: Extra carrot Brown sugar


Traditional "continental" Italian cuisine only use locally grown produce. This includes depending on the area: Almonds, Walnuts, Pine nuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts, pistachio (maybe some other less known nuts) Peanuts and Cashew (and others exotic nuts) came in later in Italian cooking; they were probably introduced with the advance of food transportation ...


I would say cashews and peanuts are not traditional Italian. Pistachios and hazelnuts are commonly used for desserts, think nutella for example. Pine nuts (pesto) and chestnuts are also traditional. It might not what you are looking for, but nutmeg is a common Italian spice.


It's not a standard. 'Antipasti' (before the meal) would be the typical replacement for 'appetizers'. Quite a few of the categories on the menu could be classified as antipasti: Olives Salumi Formagi As Catija points out, the items all seem to be vegetable dishes intended as a starter. In my opinion (having taken courses on classification & ...


I use the pizza yeast to make dough specifically for "Fry bread" style creations and it's elasticity makes it real easy to work with.

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