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I go through quite a lot of chillies, so what I would do is mince a bunch of jalapenos, and add it to your soup a spoonful at a time. Keep the rest in the fridge for later. The law of averages should mean that the chilli blend as a whole is neither too hot nor too mild.


Cut the tiniest amount off the tip of the jalapeño and put it on your tongue: after a few times, you'll get a feel of how hot individual ones are and you'll just know after a few times if you have to add the entire big not-throat-burning one or half a tiny running-around-screaming-hot one. No, it's safe: the tip contains the least amount of capsicum (If ...


The heat of individual peppers varies. Add a little bit at a time, tasting as you go. You can put more in, you can't take any out!


If you peruse ethnic supermarkets, you'll often find pickled jalapeños that are cut into slabs (cut from stem to tip, often jarred with carrots and onions in the brine, too. It's also possible that the skin might be removed). It's often labeled as 'jalapeños en escabeche' I suspect that 'nacho sliced' is simply those cut into little circular sections ...


They were two different items (one had heat and one didn't), but they discontinued the no heat one.

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