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Cervelat or thuringer tempura (with some mustard or wasabi powder in the batter) it is a most excellent unorthodox tempura.


Rice Cooking Reminder: Rinse 1 ½ cups of sushi rice in water. Rinse your rice well, ensure that the rice water rinses clear. If you leave too much starch on the surface of the rice, you are asking for poor inconsistent results. Drain, bring the rice to a simmer in a saucepan with 2 cups of water, cover and lower the heat to medium-low for 15 minutes. Turn ...


A cooked rice grain is not an evenly cooked product... The center has a different consistency to the outside. Pounding the rice would combine the stickiness and would activate rice gluten that is present. I would assume using rice flour in the recipe would be like using a different grade of flour in a recipe... The texture would be different, more or less ...

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