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2 weeks minimum. If it's in an air tight and sterilized jar which isn't constantly being opened and closed. I'd push more for a couple of months maybe longer. All the acid in there, sugar and salt work as great preservatives and the spices also will help. The 2 things you need to be watching for are either the oil going rancid or the juice fermenting. ...


Food grade antifoam. There are a zillion brands. Looks like most are silicone based.


I was walking the beach today (after a pacific storm last night) and was dumbfounded at the 2-3 ft mounds of foam for a mile along the beach. Looked it up and it comes from algae (green protein super foods) being churned up in the rough seas. Same when I juice green, dense vegetables in my auger juicer. I just stir it into the juice as best I can and ...

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