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I have plum juice from Korea dated 2015.07.26 -- I also have Sour Cherry Juice from Slovenia dated AUG / 2015 -- Another juice from Italy says 25-JUN-2017 -- my Mango and Pineapple Juice were confusing because their dates were 12141214 (really no dates but I needed it and they were small single serving cans and in the end the smoothies I made with pulp ...


Based on the comments below it looks like the first value may actually the year. It's very unlikely that a can bought in late 2014 would expire in 2014 unless your store is carrying some very old stock. I have seen this type of expiration on other cans and it's been clear that the format is Day Month Year (31 DE 14 or 31 Dec 14). Seems like poor labeling on ...


Mango, guava, banana, form puree's. Citrus, pineapples, pomegranate, etc form juices with high sugar and acid content. I'm allergic to milk, so using water or a juice and adjusting recipe accordingly is important. The rise is affected by acid content. Using the mango or guava try a banana loaf(bread) style recipe, and tweek it.

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