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Well, I just went ahead and launched it in my shop. People love it, and it keeps "vibrant" up until before closing time. So maybe 18 hours max since juicing is the best time to serve it. I just happen to double-vacuum it on the Foodsaver before storing in the fridge. The fruits also chill in the fridge prior to juicing.


Examining a commercial version (a not HFCS commercial version, for a wonder) it's mostly water, "27% cranberry juice", sugar, and "flavors." So if you have 100% juice, you'll probably have something the consistency of a syrup by the time you have enough sugar to make it sweet. The widespread solution is to dilute with water - thus, "cranberry juice ...


There are. There was a story on a local station about JRINK when they hit some anniversary a year or so ago. (It might've also been about the owners ... being successful female, minority millenials) They're doing some sort of 'single page app' thing on their website, so I can't link straight to their about page or FAQ, but it confirms that they're ...

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