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If your jars aren't in the refrigerator already, I highly recommend unscrewing the lids as soon as possible...unless you want to be able to share stories about how you found glass shards and the smell of kimchi everywhere in your kitchen one day. Depending on when you mean to eat them, I'd recommend a mix of room temperature ripening and fridge storage. ...


When making kimchi (or other fermented products like it) it's best to ferment the whole batch together for the first phase (this depends on what you're making, how much of it you're making, and how sour you want it to be - but a week is a good rule of thumb). This helps to make the whole batch more consistent, as one batch will ferment at the same pace - as ...


Served on hot boiled rice with sesame seeds sprinkled on top - the ultimate beer snack.


When I make kimchi, I usually leave it in a dark, cool corner of my utility room for 1-2 months before we start to eat it. We usually eat half the batch (1L) at once, then refrigerate. The second half is usually gone in a few weeks. Last night, however, we finished a batch that had been forgotten about and sat in the fridge for about 4 months. It tasted ...

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