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I found I could cut consistent, fast, thin slices, after slicing three litres of pickling cucumbers. I've never really tried to be quick before, but the task was dragging on. It was still nothing like someone doing it in a professional kitchen, but it was quite satisfying just the same. Make some pickles! :)


You don't quickly and accurately mow through without knife skills, you are either slow and accurate or quick and inaccurate. Which you chose depends on the result you want. If you have a load of vegetables and not much knife skill here's what I suggest: Bigger pieces mean less cuts, and therefore less time Go for a rougher cut, less accuracy means less ...


Try a mandoline. If you're not familiar, it's a gadget that has a horizontal blade for slicing as you slide food across it. Most have a dial that allows you to adjust thickness or to create julienne or "French-fry" shape. You can then just do one more chop to turn the "fries" into dice. Aside from that, I'd be remiss if I didn't make a plug for improving ...

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