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Heat treatment changes the allotropy of an iron alloy. Steel doesn't equal steel; first, there are chemical differences (different amounts of carbon, nickel, etc. added) and second, there is a difference in the microcrystalline structure of the metal. The different allotropes (= same material in different structures) of steel have different mechanical ...


I suspect that the knife owner shut up because he didn't know what he was talking about. So long as you don't mistreat them, Shun hold a blade rather well. The problem is that they're cut at a sharper angle than most European knives (16° vs. ~20°), so the blade is more delicate, and so is more prone to go out of alignment, especially if you use too hard of ...


I use it to cut my home made after dinner mint chocolate slab into bite size squares. It sits better in hot water and gives a nice, sharp clean cut to the chocolate...mmmm...yum

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