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We have two (a coincidentially matching pair) of these at home. They have a few uses: Ours are similar proportions to steak knives, and they work very well for that (or pizza). I sometimes call them "cheese sandwich knives", because they cut both bread and cheese (and tomatoes if that's your thing). This means they're good for taking on picnics or for ...


You are not missing anything, that is a cheap serrated "no sharpening" knife from a set. The only possible advantage to it would be when cutting soft tomatoes, where having a bit of serration helps. For that I use a bread knife anyway, so I'd say you have no use for that knife at all in the kitchen.


While performing on stage I adopted the "lob a full 360" approach but my juggling partner usually returned them. Now I would take it to my dump, tip, recycling centre, and present it to a member of staff. This has three advantages:- 1/ No wrapping or unpleasant bending. 2/ It's a day out. 3/ It becomes an S.E.P. [Someone Else's Problem] My brother, a ...

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