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You can sharpen the Japanese knife to 17 degrees. It won't be ruined or anything. I'm sure I just horrified some people, but I accidentally did this for years, sharpening my Victorinox knives at 22 degrees (because they're European, so obviously they're 22 degrees, right?) when they're factory sharpened to 17 degrees, so I've got real-world experience here ...


The stainless steel used for edges is not the same kind of stainless steel that is used for pots and bowls; it can be hardened far better but is by far not as corrosion resistant. Look up 300 vs 400 series of stainless steels. No one would usually make a sharp knife out of 300 series unless they are making a dive knife. Also, especially expensive knives are ...


Dishwashers will heat the blade to a temperature that changes the structure of the steel itself so it will not keep a sharp edge. It only takes one time in the dishwasher for this to happen so if yours has taken that trip through--too late. If your knife is brand new--just be hyper-vigilant that one ever puts it in.

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