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Previously I answered that a legitimate use for a utility knife might be when you can only afford one knife. In the same post I undermine my own answer showing how I found no historical evidence for this. I wonder if I wasn't more interested in venting frustration at having a poor knife than providing a good answer. Leaving aside my dubious attempt at an ...


The bust use of the utility knife that I have found (and I use it often) if for what it sounds like... Utilities. I use it for cutting wire, tape, opening up boxes, everything under the sun. Heck, I've even used it to cut a hole in my drywall for an electrical switch. I think its a great knife to own in a knife set because lets be honest, you know when you ...


I know this is a very old thread... however just wanted to mention that most of the "pro" lines of Zwilling knives are 57 Rockwell and higher... you can check this site for more detailed information http://www.metrokitchen.com/zwilling-ja-henckels-knives-comparison-guide

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