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I think any "exhaustive" list here is bound to be arbitrary. Some of your own categories overlap (e.g., frying, plus several subcategories of such); so, e.g., is "slow cooking" a cooking method or is it the same as simmering? Is frying in a wok (aka. stir frying) a distinct method from what you call "shallow-frying"? I would say it is, which makes me ...


The answer is a bit complicated, because there is a confusing language issue here. In standard cooking terminology, there is nothing in common between the two (except that both are stovetop). Sautéeing requires a wicked hot pan, a layer of oil (you can't use nonstick at these temperatures), and constant movement of the food. Basically, you are ...


In the U.S. Marinara is a vegetarian Italian style tomato sauce and it may have olive oil and cheese like parmesan mixed in. But never meat or anchovies. Spaghetti Sauce in the U.S. is culinary slang for manufactured tomato sauce served over spaghetti.


Marinara is a style / kind of a sauce that originated in Napoli usually made with tomatoes, garlic, herbs, and onions. A spaghetti sauce only says where to sauce is used (obviously on spaghetti) but doesn't say anything about what the sauce is exactly like. There are many dishes which are basically spaghetti + sauce: Spaghetti alla marinara – which ...

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