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The biggest difference I found in spaghetti sauce and marinara sauce is the use of oregino. Typically spaghetti sauce does not have oregino in it and a marinara sauce does which is usually what gives it is flavor.


Cobbler is a funny creature. In general, even in the South, many cobblers only have a single, top, crust and it is usually not a pie-style crust. It is usually more biscuit like: From here They may also have a single top pie crust, either solid or latticed and some of them do have a double crust, though it doesn't usually come up the sides of the pan. ...


I don't know of a specific formal term, but I'd use 'bulk' as both the noun and the verb ("bulk out the stew it out with potatoes", "the meatballs are bulked out with breadcrumbs") A quick Google for 'Bulk Out' reveals several dictionaries defining it exactly in this sense.


I am going to go with ... Drumroll please ... Fillers credit to my girlfriend who helped me figure out the word I was looking for. Examples like you stated...starchy root veg in beef stews or the rice in black beans and rice. Though ingredients used to add color I would really call a garnish even if it's not placed on top of the finished product.


I went to the dictionary for definitons of casserole and stew. As pointed out above, the main difference and the description, lies in the cooking vessel used. A casserole is a covered oven based dish whilst a stew is commonly stove-top, covered or not, using more liquid to cook the ingredients. Slow cookers arrived on the market. I supposed these would be ...


My friend from Bangladesh claims that pasta is pasta but noodles are heaven! He tells me this after I tell him that noodles are pasta. We decided it wasn't worth arguing over, but still I believe all noodles are pasta whereas, some pasta may not be considered a noodle. If you like it, eat and enjoy it without a care as to what it is.


Supplies (which is way too short of an answer for the site to accept on its own)


This one's tricky, as there are some differences, but because different regions prefer one over the other, it's possible that some regions might conflate concepts under their preferred term. I thought I could easy answer the question, but a little bit of online research suggests it's pretty messy: Betty (aka Brown Betty) : Originally used a ...


Some of the terms may be regional but they do generally describe variations on a theme. My general understanding of the differences are as follows: Cobbler - A cobbler is generally a thickened fruit mixture with scone or biscuit-like top crust. Cobbler crusts, notably "Texas cobblers" can also be made with thinner batters that soak into the filling more ...

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