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My great grandma from Spain made them. They were pronounced in our family as monte cows. They had anise in them as well. I hated them


Found in this wiki article , is the following information: "Fancy" ketchup Some ketchup in the U.S. is labeled "Fancy". This is a USDA grade, relating to specific gravity. Fancy ketchup has a higher tomato solid concentration than other USDA grades. USDA Ketchup Grades Grade Specific Gravity Total Solids Fancy 1.15 ...


"Fancy," when used in the labeling of foods, is almost invariably tied to USDA standards for the classification and grading of the foods. Foods traded on the wholesale market are not required to grade their foods - the use of the system is voluntary. The USDA grading names tied to different food types aren't always consistent or intuitive. Examples: ...


Wikipedia differentiates between "rolled fondant" and "sculpting fondant": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fondant_icing


"Rollfondant" is "Rolled Fondant" or simply "Fondant" I can't say for certain, but I suspect that "Modellierfondant" is also called "Fondant", but a different consistency (and we don't differentiate in English) ... or it's what they call "gumpaste", which is typically used for making flowers and other more delicate items. There's also "modeling chocolate" ...


The generic term for sugar-water pastes used to decorate food is icing or frosting. Rollfondant sounds like ready-to-roll icing, but it could be royal icing, which contains egg white. Modellierfondant sounds like modelling paste. There are various recipes which use different additives to the core ingredients of sugar and water in order to obtain a suitable ...

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