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Most milk is pasteurised by bringing it to between 71 and 74C for 15 to 30 seconds. This is called High Temperature Short Time pasteurisation. Boiling milk means just that: bringing the milk to its boiling point, which is 100C. That should naturally should make it as safe as the HTST pasteurised variety as it will spend plenty of time at well over the ...


An additional note: The cooking process is pretty much the same for jam, jelly, marmalade, preserves & conserves. It is the preparation of the fruit which makes the difference in the final product.


From Gregory McNamee's article VQR: Jelly is mostly made up of gelatin, pectin, or some other gelling agent that is added to fruit that has been cooked until it is soft and its solids have been strained out, often to transparency. Jam is cooked like jelly, but the fruit solids are pureed or mashed and kept in the mixture. Preserves similarly ...


Its simple. Meat is just another word for muscle. And a person that eats fish is not a vegeterian. The person is just a meat eater that only eats fish meat.


I think the term you are looking for is accordion cut. It is the technique you describe, making slices not all the way through, leaving an end or side intact. It is most widely known for preparation of hasselback potatoes, but can also be used for meat and other items. Please see pics below of hasselback potatoes and meat. Other times that I have used ...

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