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I'm pretty sure the word "live" means that it's raw and uncooked. I found a recipe for Raw Mushroom and Spinach Lasagna that's very similar to the menu item you describe. It uses zucchini "noodles", cashew "ricotta", along with marinated mushrooms, and tomato sauce to make a raw and meatless "lasagna". The only apparent difference is that the recipe calls ...


This likely doesn't answer the main question in the title, but in the body of the question, you mention: A friend of mine calls herself a vegetarian. I thought a vegetarian is someone who doesn't eat meat or more explicit: Someone who avoid dishes that contain parts of something that has central nervous system or called "animal". But she eats fish. I ...


I believe that fish is meat. Fish is meat because it is an animal. If you disagree then go ahead and put fish into a different food group. Can't do it can you? Fish doesn't fit in any other food group besides meat because it is an animal. Therefore, fish is meat! The actual definition of the word meat is "animal flesh," according to Google. Fish is meat.


At one time various Christian sects regarded fasting as not eating animal meat. In order to find a work-around and still eat animal protein, these sects came up with an artificially convenient re-definition of meat. This new definition, stated fish and meat were separate entities, this way they could fast and still eat fish.


Deuteronomy 14:3-20 of the New International Version Bible lists all the animals that are considered 'CLEAN' to eat. So, at least for followers of the bible, fish is good and shrimp is bad because God said so. I've heard one of the reasons fish is allowed on Fridays in Lent is because fish do not receive the breathe of life through their nostrils, meaning ...


As well to add on to the comment above and might be in relation to the cooling and aging of the meat, overcooking it (medium at most) causes it to become gamey and tough. I love the gamey flavor however. Try Colorado Lamb and compare it to New Zeleand Lamb big difference in flavor


The sludge you speak of is actually proteins called myosin (denatures at 120f) and actin (denatures at 150f) going through the stages of denaturing, coagulation and ultimately gelantization. Protein coagulates when it is denatured, that is destroyed. Gelatization is a follow on the process of breakdown in connective tissue.

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