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well now, call me barmy, but I actually rather like the milk curds. They're fresh, it's not as if the milk has gone to rot? Isn't that how you make mozzarella cheese?


Due to the way neurology works, you don't need to consume sweet stuff to feel a sweet taste. Eating something which has a strong aroma associated with sweetness will also be perceived as sweet. This is why you can use strong aromatics which are almost always (in Western cultures) consumed in an overly sweet setting. This will be vanilla, and also flower ...


I don't know when this will be practical for home cooking, but there's a recent report out that sweetness is greatly affected by volatiles in the fruit, and that the 'perceived sweetness' isn't always directly related to the amount of sugar in an item: http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20150610-the-smells-that-make-sweet-sweeter You're already using oranges, ...

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