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I personally use squeeze bottles to store my citrus juices, including pre-strained lemon juice. They're nearly identical to these versions from Amazon (though more colorful) which I like because they have a built-in cap to keep the container sealed. There are a number of other styles sold, but know that most don't include caps. The small tips make them ...


You can seek out non-dairy creamers, such as coconut milk coffee creamer, rice milk creamer. These have added stabilizers that prevent coagulation in acidic coffee, which I think would work in your lemon tea.


I use lemon zest in my tea while its steeping, then I strain it through a fine strainer. Gives you all the benefits and no curdling.


Soda-like drinks have traditionally been made in the same way as beer, but with less fermentation to keep the alcohol content low. Without alcohol, (and with a bunch of protein and fat around from the yogurt) you run the risk of growing some botulism in your soda. Some traditional fermentation techniques carry risk of botulism, and any 'new' technique should ...

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