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When you add lime juice to any dish and heat it, the flavours of the dish are lost... You surely are trying to get a citrus flavour of lemon which will be pretty much suppressed if you heat it. In case you need lemon aroma, crush lemon grass; tie in a cloth and put it in ur curry and boil.. After few minutes remove the cloth. If you need the Tangy ...


Lime juice is one of the components of green curry. The acid from the lime juice macerates some of the other ingredients and wakens up some other flavors. If you don't add it as part of the paste preparation, then you aren't cooking with Green Curry. If you add the lime juice in the end, you will have a very different result, mostly that of a dish that ...


For me, it's not so much about the vitamins as the taste. All the citrus juice I've ever tried to cook with has lost most of it's flavor and become bitter when heated for more than a few minutes. Zest can be added earlier (and will give some good flavor) but I'd save any citrus juice for near the end of the recipe.

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