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I suggest adding more lime zest and use key lime juice (bottled juice would be okay for baking - Nellies makes a good product and it's widely available (usually sold with mixers)


Without seeing the recipe, it's difficult to know what can be improved. Here are some possibiliies: Your easiest addition would be to add more lime zest -- it contains much of the flavor, and it won't significantly throw off the moisture or acid balance in the cake. If you're going to be stacking the cake, instead of using frosting between the layers, you ...


My daughter who loves lemon cake thought of a great idea a couple years ago to knock the lemon flavor out of the park. I'm sure it would work for lime too: make a lime syrup and pour it into the bottom of the cake after poking it all over with a thin skewer. The more lime you like, the more syrup you use. As a bonus, it also adds some moisture to the cake. ...


make sure you are getting the most out of your limes with 5 Fabulous Lime Tips remember Key limes are more tart than Tahitian limes (given the choice...) if the recipe calls for salt-- reduce the amount (salt increases the sweetness, muting the tart & tang of the limes) you might add a little concentrated lime juice (just a splash!) Good luck with ...


You can add more lime zest, you can also add more juice, but when you increase the tartness of the cake, you need To increase the sugar to offset it. You'll reach a point of diminishing returns however and you may be better off making a key lime pie rather than a cake.

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