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I generally wash the opener by hand but occasionally run it though the dishwasher. In both cases, after it is dry, I occasionally put drops of food grade mineral oil on the gears, etc. I use almond oil. I also use almond oil on my wooden cutting boards. (almond oil is a wonderful skin softener, too). Swing-a-way was a great brand back in the day but the ...


My stainless steel manual can opener is rusty. I'm soaking it in proxide now and I noticed the rust flakes comming off. I will use a tooth brush and hair dryer before putting away.


Wash it as much as you want. The non stick isn't going to come out unless you let it rust. Wash it, heat it on high, put some oil in it, and put it away. Nuff said.


As an addition to the above excellent advice, if you cooked something that didn't get the pan overly dirty, try putting a few teaspoons of non iodized salt in and cleaning with that. Has the effect of sand, and effectively pulls away excess oil. For very dirty cast iron. I agree with the above answer!


Great question - very well put! Your chef advice is sound. I have been cooking with cast iron skillets for longer than I care to admit (old guy) and at first they can be intimidating but in the end, they become your go to pan especially for searing/cooking hot. You asked the same question several times, "is the residue safe?" It's as safe as the cooking ...

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