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If you can, just get better marshmallow skewers/forks. If there are two prongs on the end, the marshmallow can't rotate. (And as long as you're not holding it at a really steep angle, they'll have a hard time sliding off the end too.) You can get fancy ones with nice handles, but just plain metal is fine. And it doesn't have to be super strong, so you can ...


Are you using a metal skewer? Metal will carry heat much more than other materials such as wood, and will cause the inside of the marshmallow where it is skewered to soften and slide under the weight of the rest of the marshmallow. If you're aiming for a golden brown crust, then the key is to cook it quickly at just the right distance away so that the ...


Yes, there are two schools of marshmallow thought - with egg whites and without egg whites. Most recipes without egg whites have another difference that might better explain why your recipe acts so differently from what you see with commercial marshmallows. Egg white recipes use corn syrup as only a fraction of the weight of the sugar in the recipe - ...


Not recommended, sterno as it is known in the catering business is proven to be poisonous if consumed. Although the less fortunate have been known to drink the stuff to get drunk (another practice that I don't recommend). IMO the only purpose of a sterno or Choice Ethanol Gel Chafing Dish Fuel, as you put it, is for... exactly that: chafing dishes.


Like Jefromi said, having two prongs to hold the marshmallow will keep it from just spinning around the stick/skewer. You might want to look into getting a skewer like this: (I found this one on a site called outdoor roasting.com) Having two prongs really makes all the difference! Having it wrap around like a safety fork is kind of an added bonus, ...


For microwave smores, I top 1/2 of the graham cracker with a Hershey bar square and microwave for 30 seconds, then place a marshmallow on the melted chocolate and melt for a few more seconds (maybe 15 seconds), until the marshmallow increases in size. Then remove and top with the other 1/2 graham cracker.

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