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After contacting Sterno with the same question, they indicated that the only safe gel product for direct food heating is marked “ethanol” on the canister. Those marked “methanol” are not meant for direct food heating.


I have made marshmallows using Alton Brown's method; it works and is a lot of fun. If you don't form the individual marshmallows, but just swirl it into the ice cream while it's still a sticky mess, that should work for your swirl. There is even a video in that link. As ElendilTheTall mentioned in comments, you probably should reduce the amount of gelatin ...


I don't know about the safety standpoint, but from a texture standpoint -- don't refrigerate them. The problem is that they turn into an brick when cold -- rather than being a nice dessert, it's something that you have to gnaw at and fear that you're going to chip a tooth. You might be able to get around this by warming them back up before serving, but ...


Not recommended, sterno as it is known in the catering business is proven to be poisonous if consumed. Although the less fortunate have been known to drink the stuff to get drunk (another practice that I don't recommend). IMO the only purpose of a sterno or Choice Ethanol Gel Chafing Dish Fuel, as you put it, is for... exactly that: chafing dishes.


Puffed Rice treats can be stored at room temperature in air tight containment (zip-top bag with no air in it), for 1 to 2 days without any ill effect. They keep longer than they last, if you get my drift.


Okay the best way to melt smores on campfire is simple. Years ago we would make campfire pies over the hot coals well this works great. place aluminum foil on inside so does not mess up your iron, lay graham crackers and choc precook your marshmallow and place on choc close up place back in coals for just a few min to warm up choc and you have best smores ...

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