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You can season a steak over night. I leave mine in fridge a few days before grilling.


Top round with tallow to lubricate the griddle. Using ribeye for this application is a waste of a pricey cut, but the extra fat is 100% required.


I believe them to have interchangeable meaning, the small difference would be the size of the meat. You are going to see more consistency in size with stewing meat and the size is typically going to be a little thicker opposed to stir fry, which is just a fancy way of saying the trimming's. In regards to the cut: "stir fry beef" could be all cuts. "Stewing ...


They are not equivalent cuts and 'should not' be used interchangeably. Stir Fry meat is cut from the more tender cuts of beef (tri-tip, sirloin, rib-eye) and don't require much time cooking to be 'ready to eat'. Stew Beef is from less tender cuts (the Chuck or Eye of Round) which will become tender after a 'significant' time braising (cooking in liquid). ...


I would suggest you follow your plan, but reserve and refrigerate the cooking liquor to reheat the meat in, which will help with restoring juiciness. However, be very careful when reheating and keeping meat warm. The meat should not be in the danger zone (5-60°C/40-140°F) for more than 2 hours, cumulatively, throughout its 'lifetime'. You should avoid ...


Short summary: views on these various body parts are never constant, whether over time or even within communities. Part of the difficulty with this question is the very definition of the word offal and what it implies. First, a little mini-history, taken partly from the Oxford English Dictionary. Offal is literally derived from off + fall, i.e., that ...


No, the word "offal" is not subject to cultural variations. It's based on animal's biology, and describes the inner organs such as intestines, liver and heart. But I don't think this is what you wanted to ask - your title is about "offal" but your question body is about undesirable food. What is culturally determined is which parts of an animal (and also ...


All you have to do is Put Saran Rap on the cutting board Put meat on Saran Rap Add any seizings or whatever you need Fold over Saran Rap and begging to pound the meat with a mallet Open up Saran Rap and remove tenderized meat Throw away Saran Rap when finish Now you are done tenderizing the meat and your mallet or whatever you used to pound the meat ...


Its simple. Meat is just another word for muscle. And a person that eats fish is not a vegeterian. The person is just a meat eater that only eats fish meat.


Deer and it's relatives (goats and sheep) are famous for their musky males. At a mere three months old my male goat had already developed a significant "bucky" aroma. He would not have become sexually active for another month or two. The best way I found to cook him to deal with that flavor was smoking.


I know rooster meat tastes different from hen. Even the color is much different (darker and leaner for rooster). Though there is little demand for roosters in the market.

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