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Couverture chocolate is generally used in coating and molding because it has such a nice sheen due to its high cocoa butter content. It's usually very high quality and so should taste very good straight out of the bag, although the texture will be more creamy than non couverture chocolates. Couverture is not better than other high quality chocolate, just ...


This method works! If you need to reduce the viscosity of nutella (make it more liquid/runny) here is what you do: it must be fresh (expired/old nutella's chemical properties change) 1 part nutella to 1/10 (10%) part whole milk - stir (it may become hard at first! don't stress) once the first 10% is mixed in, add another 10% milk and again and again until ...


The tempering method is the easiest I've found when combining eggs and a hot liquid, and it doesn't require a thermometer! First of all always let your eggs come to room temp before using them. http://noshon.it/tips/why-to-use-room-temperature-eggs-when-baking-cakes/ That said, the technique I use when adding eggs to the warm liquid in my ice cream bases is ...


The cocoa butter in your chocolate melts fully at 43 degrees Celsius (110 F). But it stays liquid until at least 30 degrees C (85 F). The most heat sensitive proteins in an egg white coagulate at around 65 degrees C (145 F), most proteins stay stable until 85 degrees C (185 F). As you shouldn't overheat your chocolate anyway, you have a certain ...


Don't let the chocolate mixture go cold, let it go cool enough that it won't cook the eggs. It can still be reasonably warm - above room temperature certainly - and still be nowhere near hot enough to cook eggs. I usually place the bowl in another, larger, bowl filled with cold water, and give it a stir to bring it down quicker.


Egg whites are generally whipped without the yolks to create more volume. There is fat in the yolk which keeps a good "foam" from developing. Chocolate would have some fat too. Not knowing the ingredients for your recipe, nor how the ingredients are used I don't think a definitive answer exists. So the answer is to try it and see what happens.


Will it end up being a (probably delicious) cake? Yes. Will it have the texture of a Victoria sponge? No. The melted chocolate will destroy some of the airiness of the sponge, making it more like a brownie. Instead, I would recommend substituting a few tablespoons of flour for unsweetened cocoa powder. That will give you a chocolate Victoria sponge.

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