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I usually add vegetable shortening to my frosting recipe so that it doesn't melt easily. I live in India and it's hot in here for crying out loud. Another helpful tip is to add 2 tsp Meringue powder to your each icing batch, that tends to avoid the weepy icing. Hope this helps. (Source: Years of commercial bakery experience and my fair lot of sad weepy ...


I would suggest reducing any other sugar you have in the recipe by at least 1/4th to compensate for the extra sugar in the sweet chocolate bar. Also, give it a rough chop as you want pieces the size of chocolate chips


Yes, although you probably want to chop it up. The German's brand is very sweet, but it is real chocolate and should work just fine.


I recently had a similar problem, and I would guess that your solution will be similar as well. As in my case your recipe fails to be specific regarding too what temperature to elevate your mixture. To solve this you will need a candy thermometer. (In the US these are available at most stores that carry kitchen implements (Wal-xxx, Tarxx, etc.) The peek ...

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