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a perfect flow diagram. I think I was on the same situation. But these are some few tips with which I got over it. Do all that you have jotted in the flow diagram, but you dont have to this everyday. When you explore recipes, be sure to explore something which works as simple and fast as possible too. Now sure when you have whole lot of leisure time you can ...


I'm only a semi-pro chef, but let's have a go at answering your question. There are some people who have an actual impact when they provide feedback on one of my dishes. These are people I have cooked for more often and whose tastes are familiar to me. They will often function as a "test panel" when I want to try out a dish I'm considering for the menu of a ...


This is a very broad question. My answer would be "yes and no". When a customer has an opinion, that's just an opinion. For instance, 'the hot sauce isn't hot enough'. The chef should taste the hot sauce (again) because maybe the client is right. At any rate, the chef will let his own opinion prevail over the customer's.


By chef, I assume you say the cook, in any situation, including at home host feeding guests, as well as chefs making rounds after a restaurant meal. The only time a chef will use customer feedback to improve a recipe is when a benefit is at stake, trying to compensate for a loss, or improve for a potential gain. There is a minimum to learn about proper way ...

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