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Swiss meringue is a very stable meringue compared to the more commonly used French meringue. Swiss meringue is a meringue that has been heated and cooked so that the sugar has melted and reached a certain temperature whereas the French meringue is a raw meringue. I won't go into too much details about the preparation of the Swiss meringue but due to the ...


You could always use brown sugar. Just dump everything in and whip it up. Make sure the equipment is spotlessly clean though. Brown sugar generally gives the meringue a caramel/toffee like flavour but it's richer and far less sweeter than a normal meringue.


How long did you cook it for? If it did not form a good crust in the oven it would deflate. If you used 140 on fan forced oven it could be too hot, which would rise and brown the outsides without forming a crisp crust. Usually the rule is to turn the oven off and let it cool completely before removing from the oven, but without the recipe or knowing ...

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