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I think the increased humidity in the microwave would help. When baking bread, adding some steam to the oven (via steam-injected or adding some water to a hot pan beneath the bread), helps get a nice crust on the bread. I believe the theory in this case is that the water making contact with the surface of the bread allows the surface to get little hotter ...


I assume you are using one of Onida's "convection" microwave oven. Here is a link that describe how to pre-heat your oven. http://foodomania.com/setting-oven-temperature/ In summary: Select the "bake" option. Hit Enter/start once, then choose the temperature. Hit it once again, which will let you select the time. For preheating, leave it at 0:00. Hit ...


Most coffee shop websites say not to reheat coffee. It is because when you brew the coffee, the water temperature is 205F. I always reheat my coffee for about 10sec -25sec. for a cup - heavy duty 20-25sec -light 10-15sec for a mug- 10-20sec.


One way to approach the problem is to ask the question in a slightly different way: how do I generate the same amount of energy in a 750 Watt microwave that would be produced in a 850 Watt oven over four minutes? Watts times time will give energy, and since we are not in a Chemistry or Physics forum, let's throw units out the window. 850 Watts times 4 ...

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