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This looks like Trileçe which is indeed a Turkish take on tres leches: Trileçe’s heritage is a lot more complicated than that of the éclair. Chasing down the elusive origins of this cake – a Balkan cousin of the Latin American classic tres leches – leads to a deep, dark, global rabbit hole. And it's certainly got milk in it! At Köfteci Arnavut they ...


Butter is made from yoghurt in Jordan as well. This is typical of countries with sheep milk, as the sheep fat does not rise to the top spontaneously as with cow milk and people have learnt to churn butter from soured milk -aka yoghurt in a hot climate. You add cold water or ice to bring the temperature of the churned yoghurt down. I have found however, that ...


Have you tried adding a couple of squares of white chocolate to your lemon tea? It gives it that milky flavour without curdling.

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