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You don't need to do this conversion. Most pudding mixes don't contain dry milk. And the mixture is in there to provide starch, not anything else. The first and best way to make a cake is to start with a good existing recipe. Getting a substitution right is not trivial, it requires some theoretical knowledge and a few iterations of making the recipe and ...


This link should help you. It should be ok at least a week or two past the use by date. http://www.eatbydate.com/dairy/yogurt-shelf-life-expiration-date/


I've have now done it, and it's lovely. It gives a very slight tang to the bread, almost like a little nod to sourdough. I definitely like that it's full-fat, it's just richer. I used this: Powdered Goat's Milk which is available in most grocery stores here (at drastically different prices, one store's normal price is three times another store's normal ...


when I was small (1950's) , the older folks referred to milk as either buttermilk or sweet milk.... including store-bought milk . People drank a lot more butter milk back then , so if you asked for a glass of milk , people very well might ask you to clarify - "Would you care for sweet milk or butter milk"? Sweet milk is now just called milk .


In my experience the secret to great roux sauce is to add the milk very slowly at the beginning. Keeping the hob temperature low, add a splash of milk to the butter/flour mixture, stir, and repeat. Gradually increase the amount of milk added in each turn, and soon you'll have a smooth white sauce with no lumps. When the sauce is looking more liquid than ...


in rural turkey butter is made only from yogurt.add water to homemade naturel yogurt and mix it for some 10 15 minutes.you will see first butter bubbles and then the butter clusters on the surface of ayran.seperate it with a spoon and wash with cool water to get it more pure and add some salt. when you smell and taste you will see it is much more different ...

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