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I'm a bit of a coffee nut, having bought my own espresso machine & grinder and have been pulling my own shots and learning how to create different coffee drinks for some years now. I am by no means an expert, however: What you're seeing when the barista is swirling/tapping the milk jug is called "polishing". It's the step after they've steamed it and ...


You are talking about the barista handling the milk after steaming it, right?My guess (from what I've seen in the milk jug @home): shake (rather: swirl, otherwise he'd just spill the milk) to loosen stuck-on foam on the top walls of the jug. hit to separate foam and milk (-> makes it easier for him to judge the milk-foam-ratio later) swirl again to loosen ...


That old method of doing cappuccino or latte. without no froth tool or machines. to get bubble in milk , you have shake , tap ( hit). That method is now use for special drink like non alcoholic or alcoholic

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