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Either you failed to adequately pasteurize the milk, or your culture was bad, or some unclean / unsanitized (some would say sterilized, I know better) utensil was involved on the cooling/inoculating side of the pasteurization step. 4 hours is a remarkably short incubation time - were you aiming for a "liquid/drinkable" yogurt? For a set yogurt 8-12 hours is ...


having instant coffee, or camp (chicory) coffee made with hot milk is the only way to serve it! Loads of regional variations on what it's called, I just know it as a coffee made with milk! It won't split the milk, and if you have 1 spoon of coffee when made with water, add at least half a spoon again when making it with milk to give a rich, smooth flavour.


I put milk in yeast bread some of the time because it results in different taste and texture than using water. Nothing to do with critters, which will almost all be yeast from the yeast (and their great-grand-yeasts), rather than anything specific to the milk.

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