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All coconut milk separates out. When you buy it tinned, there is often a plug of coconut cream above a pocket of coconut milk. But it certainly should recombine. It may well have been too cold when you tried to stir it together - let it come to room temperature at least. If you warmed it up on the stove you'd find the two would melt together without any ...


If you're not sure if your milk has soured or spoiled, then you are playing with fire. Either way, I'm sticking with the science on this one: doing anything without first pasteurizing what you have would be at the risk of acquiring a foodborne illness. To make any other recommendation on this site I believe would be irresponsible. The fact that that ...


Is milk sour or did it spoil? Its a big difference! While soured milk is perfectly edible, spoiled milk can be toxic! If it doesn't have foul (not rotten) odor, yellowish and slimy appearance (trust your nose and your eyes!), it is soured milk and you can make cheese with it. Harzer for example, is cheese made from sour milk. Or you can make cottage ...


Actually, you might. Depending on the strain(s) of bacteria in your milk, you might be well on the first steps for making "Handkäs", a speciality from the Frankfurt area in Germany. It uses no curdling agent like lemon juce (for fromage blanc) or rennet. Try this recipe, (english version at the bottom): Handcheese with music

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