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I've read that the almond milk can taste bitter if it is burned. If you microwave the milk, you should do so on a low setting. See


When I am using skim powdered milk and want more fat, I just replace some of the water in the recipe with heavy cream. Your recipe doesn't have water, it already uses milk and cream. You could replace a little of the milk with cream to make up the difference. However, with all the cream and butter in that recipe, I doubt you would be able to notice the fat ...


I wouldn't add whole butter if all you're after is some extra fat. You could try gently rendering down some unsalted butter to get the fat you want. Do this on very low heat, do not let it burn, take it on and off the heat periodically until it barely begins to foam, then skim off the fat with a small strainer or a tea ball. Then, save the clarified ...


Either you failed to adequately pasteurize the milk, or your culture was bad, or some unclean / unsanitized (some would say sterilized, I know better) utensil was involved on the cooling/inoculating side of the pasteurization step. 4 hours is a remarkably short incubation time - were you aiming for a "liquid/drinkable" yogurt? For a set yogurt 8-12 hours is ...

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