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By golly it worked! :) Short Answer Yes, evaporated goat's milk works just fine in Cajeta and you can start with at least 50% less water than you would use to fully reconstitute the milk. That being the case, powdered goat's milk would probably work just the same way, but that has not (yet) been tested. Much Longer Answer Here's what I did: 24 Fluid ...


In my experience, sometimes the uht milk can be a bit dense so the bits that are stuck to the top/opening of the tetrapak can dry out and look like nail clippings dropped into the liquid milk. Perhaps this is what you have? If the milk doesn't taste off and it's only a small amount, that's probably what it is. The milk otherwise is safe to consume.


Just to add to Marti's answer: If the recipe was written in the US within the past 30-40 (maybe more) years, "condensed" almost certainly means sweetened condensed. Sweetened is just assumed if the milk is described as "condensed". At least in the US, unsweetened condensed milk is never called "condensed", it is called "evaporated". To boost my confidence ...


Lactic acid is produced by 'probiotic' bacteria breaking lactose into lactic acid. Over time, more lactose is converted, producing more byproducts, thus more sourness. The byproducts of this reaction are responsible for the distinctive flavor of yogurt. See a more complete description here: Lactic Acid Fermentation

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